Unleashing the Power of Buah Iblis Tipe Yokai in One Piece Manga
Unleashing the Power of Buah Iblis Tipe Yokai in One Piece Manga

Unleashing the Power of Buah Iblis Tipe Yokai in One Piece Manga

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The world of One Piece has been buzzing with discussions and theories surrounding the emergence of Buah Iblis Tipe Yokai, particularly after the appearance of Saint Jaygarcia Saturn through a black pentagram on Egghead Island. In chapter 1094, we catch the first glimpse of one of the Gorosei, Saint Jaygarcia Saturn, wielding a Buah Iblis. Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, Saturn seems to possess a mythological model known as Ushi-Ushi no Mi tipe Ushi-Oni, a Yokai-based Buah Iblis.

Many speculate that all the Buah Iblis owned by the Gorosei and Imu are derived from Yokai entities. The Zoan type Buah Iblis is the only one with its own will. This brings us to the concept of animism, which believes that there are spirits residing in all material objects.

According to the Gorosei, Buah Iblis Nika possesses its own will as it persistently evades the World Government. Prison guards who undergo a complete Awakening become fully possessed by their Buah Iblis.

Both the Paramecia and Logia type Buah Iblis have entities residing within them. However, the Zoan type Buah Iblis is the only one with intelligence equal to that of a human. Interestingly, Yokai seems to have a tendency to take control over their hosts.


Contrary to the Zoan type Buah Iblis, the entities within them lack the intelligence equivalent to humans. Yokai, which are entities from Japanese folklore, appear to manifest themselves in the form of Buah Iblis.

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The power limitations of Yokai-based Buah Iblis suggest that when this fruit possesses someone, the Yokai within will have access to all human abilities. The Gorosei and Imu appear to be immortal beings, more closely resembling Yokai than humans.

The existence of Buah Iblis Tipe Yokai raises intriguing questions about their origins, abilities, and their significance in the One Piece storyline. These powerful fruits hold immense potential to shape the future of the manga.

In conclusion, the Buah Iblis Tipe Yokai, particularly the Yokai-based ones, play a significant role in the world of One Piece. Their abilities and control over their hosts bring forth a host of theories about their nature and origins. Yokai, as entities from Japanese folklore, seem to find their manifestation through the Buah Iblis. As the story continues to unfold, the true extent of the power and influence of the Buah Iblis Tipe Yokai remains to be seen.

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