Unleashing the Power: New Devil Fruits in One Piece 1063
Unleashing the Power: New Devil Fruits in One Piece 1063

Unleashing the Power: New Devil Fruits in One Piece 1063

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In the exciting world of One Piece, chapter 1063 introduces a batch of intriguing Devil Fruits that belong to the notorious crew of Kurohige. Among these newfound powers, one particular fruit stands out – the Riki Riki no Mi, a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that grants its consumer superhuman physical abilities.

The name ‘Riki’ in Japanese carries the meaning of power, which perfectly represents the immense strength provided by the Riki Riki no Mi. Consumed by Jesus Burgess, a formidable member of Kurohige’s crew, this fruit is bound to play a significant role in the ongoing battles.

Chapter 1063 not only unveils the Riki Riki no Mi, but also introduces other intriguing Devil Fruits, including the Shiku Shiku no Mi, Wapu Wapu no Mi, and Uma Uma no Mi, Model: Pegasus. The origins of these powers and their previous consumers remain shrouded in mystery, leaving readers eager to uncover the secrets behind them.

It is worth noting that Kurohige has obtained several Devil Fruits from other characters, such as the powerful Gura Gura no Mi obtained from Shirohige. Moreover, the Suke Suke no Mi, once owned by Absalom, now lies in the possession of Shiryu, another loyal member of Kurohige’s crew. These acquisitions hint at the crew’s relentless pursuit of Devil Fruits, evident by the new additions showcased in chapter 1063.


As readers venture into chapter 1063, they are treated to a glimpse of the remarkable powers bestowed by the Riki Riki no Mi, Wapu Wapu no Mi, Shiku Shiku no Mi, and Uma Uma no Mi, Model: Pegasus. Each fruit brings forth unique abilities, adding a layer of excitement and suspense to the ongoing storyline.

The current owners of these Devil Fruits, including Jesus Burgess and other crew members, add a sense of intrigue. Who were the previous possessors of these powers? How did Kurohige’s crew come to acquire them? These questions remain unanswered, adding another layer of anticipation for future chapters.

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Turning our attention specifically to the Riki Riki no Mi, this Devil Fruit enhances Jesus Burgess’ already formidable strength to new heights. With its power, he becomes capable of lifting and throwing massive sections of mountains, showcasing his overwhelming might and leaving opponents astounded.

This article was initially published on October 17, 2022, with a reissue on November 8, 2023. It has continued to captivate readers, who are encouraged to share their thoughts and theories on the Riki Riki no Mi and its impact in the comments section.

Spoiler alert for those who have yet to delve into chapter 1064 – it hints at a possible continuation of the epic battle between Law and Kurohige. Fans eagerly await the next installment to witness the unfolding of events.

In conclusion, the introduction of new Devil Fruits in One Piece 1063, particularly the awe-inspiring Riki Riki no Mi, brings forth enhanced physical abilities for the crew members of Kurohige. As the origins and previous consumers of these Devil Fruits remain a tantalizing mystery, fans can’t help but eagerly anticipate the unraveling of their secrets in the future chapters. Brace yourselves for a whirlwind of action, power, and suspense in the captivating world of One Piece!

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