Unleashing the Power: Boruto Uzumaki's Abilities and Limitations
Unleashing the Power: Boruto Uzumaki's Abilities and Limitations

Unleashing the Power: Boruto Uzumaki’s Abilities and Limitations

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In the Naruto series, Boruto Uzumaki has become a prominent figure with his powerful abilities. One such ability is the Jougan, a unique dojutsu that grants him incredible vision and perception. With the Jougan, Boruto can perceive dangerous objects and identify weak points in his opponents. This powerful ability sets him apart from other shinobi and makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Additionally, Boruto possesses the Karma, a mark left by an Otsutsuki clan member named Momoshiki. This mark grants him immense power and the potential to become a threat to the Shinobi World. However, despite his great powers, Boruto still has weaknesses that hinder his full potential.

One of Boruto’s weaknesses is his limited chakra compared to his father, Naruto. Chakra is the life force that fuels shinobi abilities, and Boruto’s limited supply puts him at a disadvantage in battles. He often finds himself exhausting his chakra quickly, especially when initiating fights without fully replenishing his reserves. This weakness leaves him vulnerable and unable to maintain prolonged battles.

Furthermore, Boruto’s Karma has caused him to become a target in Konoha and blacklisted in other regions. This mark ties him to the Otsutsuki clan, a group of immensely powerful beings who seek to harvest chakra from other worlds. As a result, many view Boruto as a potential threat and seek to eliminate him before he can become a danger to the Shinobi World.


There are also potential risks associated with being a Karma vessel. If Boruto were to die, there is uncertainty whether he would be able to come back to life. Moreover, his Karma connection with Momoshiki facilitates the resurrection of other Otsutsuki members. This raises concerns about the revival of powerful Otsutsuki clan members who could wreak havoc on the world.

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Although Boruto has impressive abilities, he does not possess additional powers like his peers Kawaki or Code. This reliance on physical strength without Karma abilities could be seen as a potential weakness. It limits his options in battle and leaves him vulnerable to opponents with diverse skill sets.

The full extent of Jougan’s abilities remains a mystery in the series. While we have witnessed its exceptional vision and perception, there is much more to explore. As Boruto’s powers continue to evolve, we can expect to see the true potential of this unique dojutsu.

Having the Karma mark also poses limitations for Boruto. The presence of Momoshiki’s influence limits Boruto’s access to certain Karma abilities. He must learn to navigate this influence to fully utilize his potentials. Additionally, Boruto gains similar abilities to the Otsutsuki, such as chakra absorption. These powers allow him to stand toe-to-toe with formidable opponents, but they also come with tremendous risks and responsibilities.

In conclusion, Boruto Uzumaki possesses incredible powers and potential but also faces limitations and risks. His Jougan and Karma abilities set him apart from other shinobi, but his limited chakra and vulnerability as a Karma vessel pose significant challenges. As Boruto continues his journey, it will be fascinating to witness how he overcomes his weaknesses and fulfills his destiny as a shinobi.

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