Unleashing Monkey D Garp's True Power - One Piece Chapter 1087 Review
Unleashing Monkey D Garp's True Power - One Piece Chapter 1087 Review

Unleashing Monkey D Garp’s True Power – One Piece Chapter 1087 Review

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In the latest installment of One Piece, Chapter 1087, author Eiichiro Oda sets the stage for an epic showdown between two legendary characters – Monkey D Garp and Aokiji. This thrilling chapter unveils Garp’s true power, leaving readers in awe of his incredible strength.

The chapter begins with Garp challenging Aokiji, unleashing an attack of unimaginable power – Lightning Strike. This attack, even stronger than Aokiji’s renowned Galaxy Impact, sends shockwaves through the battlefield. Aokiji, known for his ice-based abilities, is left both impressed and terrified as he witnesses the devastating effects of Garp’s attack.

As the battle intensifies, Kurohige, a key figure in the story, becomes suspicious of the supposed duel between Garp and Aokiji. In a display of power, Kurohige tightens his grip on Koby’s neck, forcing Garp into a panic. In a desperate attempt to turn the tide, Garp signals Aokiji to unleash his full power.

With a display of mastery over his ice powers, Aokiji freezes a portion of Hachinosu and the surrounding sea. The sheer magnitude of his ability is awe-inspiring. However, Garp’s Lightning Strike shatters the frozen Hachinosu with a billion-volt lightning bolt, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.


In a surprising turn of events, Aokiji is defeated by Garp’s overwhelming strength. Even Kurohige, a seasoned pirate captain, is shocked by the display. It becomes clear that Garp’s true power surpasses even the expectations of his peers.

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The chapter concludes with Kurohige disappearing after witnessing Garp’s full power. Speculations arise about where Kurohige escaped to and the fate of his remaining commanders. Additionally, readers are left pondering the fate of Admiral Kizaru and Sanji’s challenge to Gorosei Saturn.

It is important to note that while this article provides some theories and entertainment, it does not alter the original One Piece story. The events and characters mentioned are based on the content of Chapter 1087.

In One Piece Chapter 1087, Monkey D Garp’s true power is revealed, surpassing even the renowned Galaxy Impact with his devastating attack, Lightning Strike. The fierce duel between Garp and Aokiji leads to unexpected consequences, with Aokiji regretting his involvement with Kurohige. Kurohige’s suspicions and Garp’s immense strength leave a lasting impact on the story’s progression.

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