Unleashing Authentic Emotions: Behind the Scenes of '15-Year Lie' Film Production
Unleashing Authentic Emotions: Behind the Scenes of '15-Year Lie' Film Production

Unleashing Authentic Emotions: Behind the Scenes of ’15-Year Lie’ Film Production

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Lights, camera, action! Dive into the fascinating world of the manga Oshi no Ko as it takes us behind the scenes of the film production for ’15-Year Lie.’ In chapter 129, readers get an inside look at the filming process and the challenges faced by the cast and crew.

The article provides a raw and complete dialogue of manga Oshi no Ko 129. However, beware of spoilers if you haven’t caught up with the latest release in Bahasa Indonesia.

One of the key moments in the chapter revolves around Ruby Hoshino, who plays the character Ai Hoshino. To deepen her role, Ruby intentionally gets angry. This unconventional approach showcases her dedication to portraying Ai’s character authentically.

Akane, another character in the story, scolds Kana for leaving an open bottle on the table. It’s evident that Akane pays attention to every detail and strives for perfection. She even criticizes Kana’s appearance, pointing out the ahoge sticking out of her hair.


Amidst the tension between the characters, Akane expresses her belief that Nino is incapable without the help of Takami. Surprisingly, she justifies her actions by claiming concern for Nino’s ability to find a boyfriend.

As the filming process of ’15-Year Lie’ commences, the first day of shooting unfolds. Ruby diligently practices her role and radiates confidence in her abilities. The director’s vision for capturing authentic emotions through the actors’ performances is made clear. This emphasis on bringing real emotions to the screen adds depth and realism to the characters.

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However, the director’s pursuit of perfection leads to numerous retakes, causing frustration among the cast and crew. The pressure to deliver the desired emotions tests everyone’s patience.

Kana, during a revealing moment, discloses that the director specifically wants to capture Ai’s hidden anger in the film. This adds an intriguing layer to Ai’s character and sets the stage for intense moments in the movie.

The article advises caution when working with the director, as they have won the Best Director Award for six consecutive years. Clearly, their dedication to their craft and their understanding of emotions in storytelling is commendable.

In conclusion, ’15-Year Lie’ presents an exciting look into the world of film production and the challenges faced by the cast and crew. From Ruby’s intentional anger to the director’s emphasis on authentic emotions, the chapter delves into the heart of storytelling. It reminds us of the importance of capturing genuine emotions to create compelling characters and captivating narratives.

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