Uncovering the Truth behind the Gorosei and Their Role in One Piece
Uncovering the Truth behind the Gorosei and Their Role in One Piece

Uncovering the Truth behind the Gorosei and Their Role in One Piece

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One Piece fans have long been curious about the Gorosei and their mysterious role in the Pemerintah Dunia. Thanks to Eiichiro Oda, we now know the truth behind these five elders and their connection to 20 ancient kings who betrayed Joy Boy and helped Im Sama in the war against Dewa Nika. In One Piece 1083, Oda unveils the shocking twist that only six of these kings survived the war, becoming the legendary Gorosei we know today.

The history of Im Sama and Joy Boy goes back 900 years, where Luffy travels through time and meets the two siblings who are the children of the ruling king. However, their brotherly bond is soon shattered when Joy Boy receives the throne inheritance over his older brother, Im Sama. The latter then forms an alliance with 20 other kingdoms to stage a coup and overthrow Joy Boy. This sparked a long-standing conflict that led to the use of Dewa Nika’s power and ultimately, Joy Boy’s defeat.

The Gorosei’s roots can be traced back to these ancient kings who helped Im Sama. However, the Pemerintah Dunia remained suspicious of those who had extraordinary abilities, including Joy Boy and Dewa Nika, both of whom they believed would return in someone else’s form. This fear led them to destroy characters such as Gol D Roger, Rocks D Xebec, and now Monkey D Luffy. In fact, during the operation to eliminate Rocks D Xebec, one of the Gorosei was killed by Big Mom, who was then a member of Rocks’ pirate crew.

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Despite these actions, the Pemerintah Dunia still fears the possible resurrection of Joy Boy and Dewa Nika, and thus, the Gorosei continue to play a crucial role in maintaining their control over the One Piece universe. As fans wait for the next big reveal, one thing is for sure – the Gorosei hold the key to unlocking many more mysteries in One Piece.

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