Two Commanders of Blackbeard Revealed in Teras Gorontalo - One Piece Latest Update
Two Commanders of Blackbeard Revealed in Teras Gorontalo - One Piece Latest Update

Two Commanders of Blackbeard Revealed in Teras Gorontalo – One Piece Latest Update

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In the latest update of One Piece, Teras our site, Eiichiro Oda has finally given a clue about the identity of the commanders of Yonkou Blackbeard who were seen in the waters of Egghead. It was confirmed by Oda that there were two commanders of Blackbeard who were observing the situation of Monkey D Luffy and the other Straw Hat Pirates. These two core crews of Blackbeard were known to be carrying out a mission given by their captain, Kurohige.

In the previous story of One Piece, a pirate ship was seen approaching the island where Luffy was present. This ship was known to belong to Yonkou Marshall D Teach, also known as Kurohige. Fans were left bewildered as Kurohige was shown to be engaged in a battle with the Heart Pirates on Winner Island, making it impossible for him to be the one approaching Egghead.

The mystery of who was on Kurohige’s ship was finally revealed after Eiichiro Oda showed the core crews of Blackbeard who were at Hachinosu. Apart from Van Augur, Jesus Burgess and Doc Q who were with the captain, the other core crews were supposed to be at Hachinosu. However, only Shiliew, Avalo, Sanjuan Wolf, Vasco Shot, and Kuzan were seen at their headquarters, meaning that two core crews of Kurohige were not on Hachinosu.

Interestingly, the two commanders of Yonkou who were not on Hachinosu were known to be experts in infiltration and espionage. They were the fifth commander Laffitte and the sixth commander Catarina Devon. Both Laffite and Catarina were known for their exceptional skills in infiltration and espionage. Laffite was even able to infiltrate Marijoa and meet with the top brass of the navy, while Devon was known to possess the Mythical Zoan Inu Inu no Mi model Kyuubi which could perfectly mimic anyone.

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By sending two experts in infiltration, it was clear that Kurohige did not want them to be involved in the fight against Luffy. However, the mission given by Kurohige to Laffite was still unknown. It was highly possible that Kurohige wanted something from the chaos that was happening at Egghead. One popular theory was that Kurohige wanted Laffite to kidnap Vegapunk as he may have a special relationship with him. Another theory suggested that Caribou was the one who gave information to Laffite.

Hopefully, Eiichiro Oda will soon reveal the mission given by Kurohige to Laffite. It was clear that both captains were willing to risk their lives to be at Egghead, especially considering that it would be the battlefield between Gorosei and Monkey D Luffy.


Disclaimer: This article was made for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to preempt or alter the storyline of One Piece by Eiichiro Oda.

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