Tragic Ending for Mikasa in Attack on Titan Manga
Tragic Ending for Mikasa in Attack on Titan Manga

Tragic Ending for Mikasa in Attack on Titan Manga

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In the world of Attack on Titan, one of the popular manga series, Mikasa Ackerman had a sad ending. While others were celebrating, Mikasa had to lose Eren, and the most painful part was that she had to kill him herself. Mikasa and Eren shared a deep bond from childhood, fought together, and loved each other but had to part in the end. The ending was tragic and heart-wrenching.

Mikasa was depicted as a tough woman but half in love with Eren, who broke her heart by revealing that he had hated her all along. It was hard to see Mikasa, who was the strongest character in the series, cry and feel sad. However, it was also a truth that Mikasa had to accept.

After killing Eren, Mikasa was visited by a bird that took away Eren’s red scarf. Mikasa smiled, seemingly happy, and the Attack on Titan manga series ended. The question now remains, what happened to Levi?

In the Attack on Titan manga series, Levi Ackerman was one of the Survey Corps members who survived. However, the war left him with physical scars. Levi lost some of his fingers, and his face was torn due to the Zeke explosion. Levi was found by Hange Zoe and other soldiers, barely alive. Hange later informed the JEagerist that Levi had died, but Floch and his followers did not have enough time to confirm it. Hange then dove into the water, taking Levi with her. In the end, Levi became one of the strongest humans as he survived while other important figures, including Eren, died.
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Levi and Mikasa are two main characters who managed to survive until the end. They are both Ackermans, a non-Ymir clan living on Paradise Island who cannot become Titans. However, the Ackerman clan is known for their strength and tenacity in battle.

If Eren had died, it would have been best for Mikasa to continue living with Levi and continue the Ackerman line. It would have been challenging to remember that Levi had a cold personality while Mikasa had given her heart and soul to Eren. However, both Levi and Mikasa should have continued to maintain the Ackerman clan to ensure it would not perish. Hence, it is best that Mikasa should be with Levi.

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