Top Strongest Weapons of Sung Jin-Woo in Solo Leveling
Top Strongest Weapons of Sung Jin-Woo in Solo Leveling

Top Strongest Weapons of Sung Jin-Woo in Solo Leveling

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Solo Leveling: Sung Jin-Woo’s Top Strongest Weapons

Solo Leveling has been an amazing read for many, especially with the actions of Hunter Sung Jin-Woo and his abilities increasing similarly to that of a character in an RPG game. What makes him unique is that he is a Shadow Monarch with a job as a magical hunter but uses weapons such as daggers and short swords. So, what are the most potent weapons that Sung Jin-Woo owns in Solo Leveling?

Let us take a closer look and explore the list below. However, since the Manhwa version of Solo Leveling is only halfway through, we will include data that covers its light novel version as well.

1. Kim Sangshik’s Steel Blade

The attack power of Kim Sangshik’s Steel Blade is +10. It is a weapon left behind by Kim Shangshik during the Double Dungeon incident, which he bought for 3 million won. Sung Jin-Woo obtained this weapon, which suddenly appeared in his inventory.

2. Rasaka’s Fang

This weapon is a poisonous dagger made from Rasaka’s fang. It is still dripping with poison from when it was made. The weapon has an attack power of +25 and an effect of Paralysis, which causes the target to become immobile and Bleeding, which causes the target to lose 1% of health per second. The weapon is a drop from the boss monster Blue Poison Fang’s Rasaka, found in the C-rank dungeon Hapjeong Subway Station. It is Sung Jin-Woo’s weapon of choice because of its deadly effect.

3. Knight Killer

The attack power of this weapon is +75, and it is a sturdy and sharp dagger designed to cut the armor of a knight, making it Sung Jin-Woo’s strongest weapon. The blade’s serrations make it difficult to slip off heavy armor. Sung Jin-Woo purchased the weapon from the store when he entered the Penalty Zone to prepare for the quest Job Change in the Job Change Arc.

4. Baruka’s Dagger

Baruka’s Dagger is a tanto used by a great warrior, Baruka, made more agile with the addition of magic. It has an attack power of +110 and an agility of +10. It is an item drop after defeating Baruka during the Red Gate incident.

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5. Devil King’s Dagger

The Devil King’s Dagger has an attack power of +220 and is acquired after defeating Demon King Baran. Using a pair of Devil King’s Daggers will produce a special effect. The effect set is “Two in One,” where the attack power exceeds 500 when there is an additional 300 strength.

6. Devil King’s Long Sword

The Devil King’s Long Sword has an attack power of +350 and the effect “Whitish Storm,” which summons a continuous lightning storm in a specific area when swung. This long sword is powered by the Demon King Baran and is an item drop after defeating him. It will also become Shadow Igris’s signature weapon.

7. Kamish’s Wrath Dragon’s Claw

The Kamish’s Wrath Dragon’s Claw is the best dagger forged by the greatest expert with the sharpest fangs from dragon teeth. Its sharpness is unmatched and is more sensitive to the power of mana, depending on the user’s ability. It has an attack power of +1,500 and has not appeared in the manhwa version of Solo Leveling. In the novel version, Thomas Andre, the leader of the Scavenger guild, gives Sung Jin-Woo the weapon made from a material he extracted from the fangs of Kamish, a dragon that brought disaster to humanity years ago.

These are the most potent weapons used by Sung Jin-Woo in Solo Leveling. With such an excellent collection of weapons, it is no wonder that he has become a force to be reckoned with. Have you read Solo Leveling? Do you know any other powerful weapons that Sung Jin-Woo possesses? Share your thoughts and comments with us!

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