Top Fearless Anime Characters that can Take on Anyone
Top Fearless Anime Characters that can Take on Anyone

Top Fearless Anime Characters that can Take on Anyone

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Anime characters, especially those in the shounen and seinen fighting genre, are created with insane superhuman abilities that could make them feared by everyone in their world. However, these characters are also highly aware of their abilities and objectives, so they have no reason to fear anything. Nonetheless, fearlessness does not necessarily mean that these characters are the strongest or possess extraordinary powers. Some of these characters are just ordinary humans, but they have utilized their intelligence and charisma to their advantage. They are brave, persistent, and strong enough to work hard towards achieving their aspirations. It is normal to be afraid when facing a powerful character, but there are some anime characters that do not fear anyone. Let’s take a look at some of these fearlessly powerful anime characters.

8. Light Yagami — Death Note

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Light Yagami is a teenager who harbors an intense hatred for evil. However, this hatred transforms him into a serial killer who feels nothing. Light wants to become the new God of the world, which he plans to achieve by killing all criminals. The power of the Death Note made him fearless and untouchable. He is not afraid of being caught because he can kill anyone by simply writing their names in the book. However, Light reveals his fear of death when Ryuk finally decides to write Light’s name in the book.

7. Juuzou Suzuya — Tokyo Ghoul

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Juuzou is one of the most important characters in Tokyo Ghoul. He is a special class Ghoul investigator. Juuzou has no fear, sadness, or guilt. He also shows no signs of hesitation when killing people. This makes him dangerous, and he has a very rough personality. This is because he suffered torture when he was a child.

6. Kurapika — Hunter x Hunter

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Kurapika is one of the best characters in Hunter x Hunter. He is the only survivor of the Kurta clan, which was massacred by the Genei Ryoudan, for their red eyes. Kurapika is not afraid of anything because he wants to avenge the Genei Ryoudan and recover all of the red eyes. Thanks to his determination and courage, Kurapika is able to achieve his goals.

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5. Saitama — One Punch Man

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Saitama is one of the most overpowered anime characters of all time. His power is unmatched in One Punch Man, and he knows that no one is stronger than him. He has incredible strength and speed. Saitama is not afraid of anyone because he believes in his strength and can defeat most of his opponents with just one punch.

4. Lelouch Lamperouge — Code Geass

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Lelouch is one of the smartest and most popular anime characters. He is known as a calm and intelligent teenager, but he harbors deep hatred towards his father, the Emperor of Britannia. After obtaining the Geass power from CC, Lelouch forms a terrorist group called The Black Knights. He leads the group as Zero, hiding his true identity. Lelouch is not afraid of any difficulties he faces because he believes in his intelligence, strategy, and supernatural power.

3. Levi Ackerman — Attack on Titan

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Levi Ackerman is a highly skilled and experienced soldier from the Survey Corps in Attack on Titan. He has no family or close friends, so he never really cared about anybody, which makes him an effective soldier. Levi is not afraid of anything and is willing to take on any challenge.

These are some of the anime characters who never fear anything. They are all strong, determined, and fearless, making them some of the most beloved characters among anime fans.

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