Top 7 Strongest Susanoo Users in Naruto
Top 7 Strongest Susanoo Users in Naruto

Top 7 Strongest Susanoo Users in Naruto

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Susanoo is one of the most powerful jutsus in the Naruto universe. It is a technique that can only be used by those who possess two Mangekyo Sharingan. When activated, it creates a giant humanoid avatar that surrounds the user, providing powerful offense and defense. Several characters have used Susanoo in the Naruto series, but who are the strongest ones? In this article, we will rank the top 7 strongest Susanoo users according to their abilities and feats.

7. Shisui Uchiha

Shisui’s Susanoo made a special appearance in the game Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution. There is not much known about the abilities of his Susanoo, except for the Tsukumo technique, which shoots chakra needles. He also uses a sword that can be used with fire jutsu.

6. Kakashi Hatake

Similar to Shisui, not much is known about the powers of Kakashi’s Susanoo. One of his most dangerous techniques is the Kamui Shuriken. When using this technique, his Susanoo is able to attack a target and take them to the Kamui dimension.

5. Indra Otsutsuki

Indra’s Susanoo is similar to others, but it has only been briefly shown in the series. He was quickly defeated by Ashura, who used the Senpo Mokuton: Shin Susenju technique. Other than that, Indra’s Susanoo abilities are similar to Sasuke’s perfect Susanoo.

4. Itachi Uchiha

Itachi’s Susanoo is unique in terms of power. In his right hand, he holds the Totsuka sword, which can seal his opponent and trap them in eternal genjutsu. In his left hand, he wields the Yata no Kagami shield, which has all 5 basic nature transformations and can change depending on the attack.

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3. Madara Uchiha

In its perfect form, Madara’s Susanoo is extremely large, even the size of a mountain. Its four arms hold strong and large swords. He can also attack from a distance using the Yasaka no Magatama, which is similar to a shuriken. Madara’s Susanoo can even summon meteors!

2. Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke is one of the strongest Susanoo users, especially when his Susanoo evolved into the Indra form. In this form, his Susanoo can absorb chakra from the tailed beasts and become a container like Gedo Mazo. His strongest attack is the Indra’s Arrow, which is the most powerful lightning technique.

1. Hagoromo Otsutsuki

Hagoromo’s Susanoo is the strongest out of all the others. He received chakra from Kaguya, which enhances the power of his Susanoo. It is as big as the Ten-Tails, and Kurama himself can fit inside its mouth. With his Susanoo, Hagoromo can even fight and defeat the Ten-Tails, which shows how powerful it really is.

In conclusion, Susanoo is a powerful technique that only a few can use. These top 7 strongest Susanoo users have shown their immense power and abilities. Each one is unique in terms of attack and defense, making them a formidable opponent. Who is your favorite among these Susanoo users?

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