Top 5 Romantic Donghua Series for Anime Lovers
Top 5 Romantic Donghua Series for Anime Lovers

Top 5 Romantic Donghua Series for Anime Lovers

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Are you an anime lover who is looking for something new to watch? If you are tired of watching the same romantic anime, why not try watching some Donghua? Donghua or Chinese anime has gained its popularity thanks to its unique and compelling stories and characters. Try watching some of these romantic Donghua series and experience a new level of excitement and emotion.

1. Psychic Princess

If you are a fan of cliche love stories, “Psychic Princess” is perfect for you. The story revolves around Yunxi and Pangeran Ye’s marriage, which was enforced for the benefit of their kingdoms. After the marriage, Yunxi has to deal with Pangeran Ye’s hostility and arrogance, but as the story progresses, a spark of romance starts to develop between them. You can watch this series on Bstation.

2. How to Steal 55 Kisses

Set in modern times, “How to Steal 55 Kisses” follows the story of Qiao and Lu Jin, who entered into an arranged marriage. The two started their marriage poorly and had a lot of misunderstandings. An Hao, their mutual friend, sets out rules for them to follow, which causes more problems. Watch how their love story unfolds in this series on Anime-Planet.

3. Be My Wife

“Be My Wife” is a romantic historical fiction that revolves around Su Lou. After being stabbed by her boyfriend and dying, Su Lou transmigrated into the body of a woman who was about to be executed in ancient China. She then falls in love with the demon king, who becomes her companion in the journey. This series can be watched on iQIYI.
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4. Spicy Girl

In “Spicy Girl,” Shu Xiao, a scary actress, was offered her first lead role as a hero, but her nervousness causes her to be in a tricky situation with the director. To add to her problems, a well-known producer enters the scene. Watch as Shu Xiao navigates her acting career and her love life in this series. You can watch “Spicy Girl” on WeTV.

5. My Cultivator Girlfriend

“My Cultivator Girlfriend” is a rom-com-drama set in modern times about Ma Yingxiong, a security guard in the world of xianxia. One day, Ma saves the life of a beautiful xianxia lady from danger, which leads him to fall into trouble. Watch how their relationship unfolds in this series, which can be found on Bstation.

Donghua has brought something new and exciting to the world of anime, and these romantic series prove that Donghua is worth watching. Diversify your watchlist and satisfy your craving for romantic love stories with these Donghua recommendations.

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