Top 5 Most Ruthless Characters in Vinland Saga Anime
Top 5 Most Ruthless Characters in Vinland Saga Anime

Top 5 Most Ruthless Characters in Vinland Saga Anime

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Vinland Saga: The Most Ruthless Characters in Anime

Vinland Saga is a popular seinen anime known for its ruthless characters. Even the protagonist, Thorfinn, becomes merciless as he seeks revenge for his father’s death. Season 2 of the show is no exception, as it introduces even more cruel characters. The presence of these characters creates tension and keeps the audience hooked. So, who are the most ruthless characters in Vinland Saga? Here are the top 5.

5. Ketil

Ketil is introduced as a good-natured man in the second season of Vinland Saga. However, as the story builds, it becomes clear that he is actually quite cruel. Ketil only shows kindness when things go his way. When someone opposes him, he becomes savage. This can be seen when he beats Arnheid, who tried to escape with her husband. Ketil is also responsible for the deaths of farmers during a pointless battle against King Canute’s army.

4. Atli

Atli is a Viking raider who serves under Askeladd. He is a skilled fighter, but he shows no mercy to his enemies. Atli is also opportunistic and willing to betray his allies. He and his brother, Torgrim, turn against Askeladd, Brjorn, and Thorfinn, resulting in many casualties. While some of his comrades die fighting Askeladd, others meet their end at the hands of Thorkell. Atli and Torgrim manage to survive.

3. Thorgil

Thorgil is Ketil’s eldest son, who abandons his family’s peaceful ways to serve King Canute. He is an ideal Norse warrior who believes that power is the only justice in the world. Thorgil enjoys fighting more than anything else and kills without second thoughts. He is a violent and ruthless person, but also quite cunning. He quickly realizes that the duel involving his brother is a ploy by Canute to provoke his family.

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2. Floki

Floki is a manipulative and treacherous character, who is widely despised by fans of Vinland Saga. He is loyal to King Sweyn, but switches allegiance to Canute after Askeladd kills Sweyn. Floki is the mastermind behind the death of Thorfinn’s father, Thors. He hired Askeladd to kill him, and as a result, Thors’ death sets off a chain of events in the anime. Floki is a cold and calculating individual.

1. Canute

Canute is introduced as a shy and cowardly boy who fears war. However, after spending time with characters like Askeladd and Thorfinn, he becomes a power-hungry ruler. The death of his loyal guard, Ragnar, is the turning point for Canute. He becomes ambitious and determined to replace his father, King Sweyn. Canute will do anything to achieve his goal, and he shows no mercy to his enemies. Even Sweyn tries to have him killed, but Canute comes out on top. He becomes the ruthless king of England.

In conclusion, Vinland Saga is filled with merciless characters who keep the story tense and exciting. These five characters are among the most ruthless, and they drive the plot forward with their actions.

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