Top 4 Mysterious Characters with Burn Scars in One Piece Final Saga
Top 4 Mysterious Characters with Burn Scars in One Piece Final Saga

Top 4 Mysterious Characters with Burn Scars in One Piece Final Saga

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If you are a One Piece fan, you must have heard about the mysterious character with burn scars. This character is said to hold the last Road Poneglyph, making it an essential treasure in the journey towards One Piece. Though the identity of the man is still a mystery, here are the top 4 potential candidates found in the ecosystem of One Piece.

1. Monkey D. Dragon

Monkey D. Dragon is one of the strongest candidates for the man with burn scars, with valid proof. First of all, the person with the scars was known to create massive water whirlpools, something Monkey D. Dragon can do. During the Loguetown arc, he creates a vortex to save Luffy from Smoker, and it seems possible that he possesses the power to control the weather.

Moreover, the man with scars is noted to have a black ship, similar to that of the Revolutionary Army’s ship led by Monkey D. Dragon. Hence, it is worth considering him one of the potential mystery men.

2. New Character

If no clue is given from the hundreds or even thousands of characters in One Piece, a new character could be the answer. Eiichiro Oda may intentionally surprise fans with a new character to wrap up the final saga once and for all.

3. Scopper Gaban

Although Scopper Gaban may not have visible burn scars, he could still be the strongest potential candidate due to his linkage to the Roger Pirates. We do not know about his physical changes after the Roger Pirates’ disbandment, but it could be argued that he possesses the last Road Poneglyph. Scopper Gaban was with the Roger Pirates when they reached Laugh Tale. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that he possesses some valuable information related to One Piece.

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4. Jaguar D. Saul

Jaguar D. Saul was declared alive and well after the incidents at Ohara in Chapter 1066 of Egghead Arc. Saul’s presence and presence at Ohara during Buster Call make him a prime candidate for the man with burn scars. It is assumed that he was injured during the attack, leading to his scars. Hence, he is one of the strongest potential candidates for the man with burn scars.

Final Words

These were the top 4 potential candidates for the mysterious man with burn scars in One Piece Final Saga. While Monkey D. Dragon and Scopper Gaban seem to be the most promising candidates, fans can only guess who Oda has chosen to be the rightful owner of the last Road Poneglyph.

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