Top 10 Most Disliked Waifu Characters in Anime and Manga
Top 10 Most Disliked Waifu Characters in Anime and Manga

Top 10 Most Disliked Waifu Characters in Anime and Manga

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In the fandom of anime and manga, some fans refer to their favorite characters as waifu for girls and husbando for boys. However, this nickname has polarized the audience. Some fans use the term ironically, while others take it seriously. Unfortunately, some waifu and husbando characters are overhyped. Specifically, female characters tend to disappoint due to poor writing. Although this trend is slowly disappearing, it tarnished the reputation of some potentially great characters. However, even when waifu is written well, it does not guarantee that they are universally liked.

Over the years, despite their status as a favorite waifu in an anime or manga, many of them are disliked by fans. Minimal character development and bad behavior make these attractively designed characters avoided by fans. Some of them are even extremely popular. According to CBR, here are the top 10 most disliked waifu characters.

10. Zero Two – Darling in the FRANXX

Zero Two from Darling in the FRANXX has an attractive character design, but that is the most memorable thing about her. She is charismatic and always draws attention whenever she appears on screen, but it is not always for the right reasons. Her personality is not meant for everyone. Zero Two does many despicable things that can make fans see her as a good person. She is a cold-blooded killer, and her reckless behavior causes her allies to face problems throughout the series.

9. Malty S Melromarc – The Rising of the Shield Hero

In The Rising of the Shield Hero, Malty did not even try to hide that she is a villain. She is manipulative, constantly deceives, and disrupts Naofumi’s life by slandering him to ruin his career as Shield Hero. Although Malty is well-designed, she is evil. Malty has no shame. She does not care who she has to step on to reach the top. Malty is irredeemable, and she still seemed arrogant even after being defeated.

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8. Aqua – KonoSuba

Aqua is a fan-favorite character. In theory, this could be understood. She has a cute design, a good sense of humor, and is a goddess. However, she also can be very irritating and becomes a burden during a fight. Aqua is also a crybaby who does not want to take responsibility for her failures. After deconstructing her character, it is clear that Aqua does not bring anything valuable in KonoSuba. Aqua may be one of the most popular characters, but all criticism against her can be justified.

7. Makima – Chainsaw Man

It is not a secret that Makima is a very evil person. In Chainsaw Man, she is manipulating Denji. Essentially, Makima is grooming him so that he will do anything she asks while promising romantic prospects. Many of the interactions between Denji and Makima are unsavory. Makima sees an opportunity to exploit Denji’s naivete about intimate relationships. As manga readers know, Makima’s manipulative behavior has a supernatural explanation. Even if Makima’s true identity is not revealed, it is still impossible to find redemption qualities in her.

6. Lucy Heartfilia – Fairy Tail

In Fairy Tail, Lucy is another example of the biggest shortcomings of the series. Too many characters in Fairy Tail lack character growth, and Lucy is not an exception. This makes it difficult for her to be worshipped and more disliked than other female characters in anime. Lucy is one of the weakest members of the guild. She does little to improve her skills throughout the series. She is mainly used for comic relief and maybe fanservice. Lucy may be one of the most popular waifus, but she does not control anything.

5. Orihime Inoue – Bleach

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