Top 10 Anime Supporting Characters That Deserve Their Own Spin-Off
Top 10 Anime Supporting Characters That Deserve Their Own Spin-Off

Top 10 Anime Supporting Characters That Deserve Their Own Spin-Off

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Have you ever noticed that in anime, supporting characters often become more popular than the main protagonist? The supporting cast is often more intriguing due to their mysterious or tragic background and unique abilities that rival or exceed those of the lead character. Fans are eager to learn more about these beloved characters’ past and what they do when they’re not on screen. Some supporting characters have a backstory that was shown in the series, but it’s never enough to satisfy fans’ curiosity. That’s why they’re hoping for spin-offs about their favorite supporting characters. Here are the top 10 anime supporting characters that deserve a spin-off of their own.

10. Roronoa Zoro – One Piece

Zoro is the first mate of the Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece. What makes him interesting is that he was originally a bounty hunter who hated pirates – including Luffy himself. Zoro is a skilled swordsman who has an untold backstory and is often speculated to have been trained by a legendary swordsman. Although his backstory has been touched on in the series, diehard fans of Zoro would love to see a spin-off that explores his past further. Whether it focuses on Zoro’s adventures before he joined Luffy or becomes the captain of his own crew, fans would happily devour anything related to the enigmatic and complex swordsman.

9. Kakashi Hatake – Naruto

Kakashi is a fan-favorite character known for his cold exterior and mysterious background as a sought-after ninja. Although Naruto has shown some of Kakashi’s backstory, a spin-off that focuses on his training, childhood, and other missions would be captivating. Fans would love to learn more about the white-haired sensei, who is one of the most complex characters in the Naruto universe.

8. Giyu Tomioka – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Giyu Tomioka made a lasting impression on fans, even though he appeared briefly in the first episode of Demon Slayer. Giyu is a reserved and caring demon slayer with a grand introduction. Although Giyu’s story has not been fully fleshed out, fans would love to see a spin-off series that delves deeper into his past. Even though his screen time was short, Giyu’s complex personality and demeanor made him a memorable supporting character.

7. L Lawliet – Death Note

L is a brilliant detective who was pitted against Light Yagami in Death Note. L’s unique method of investigation, unusual behavior with bending his legs and eating sweets, captured fans’ hearts. Although L’s investigative work was shown in the series, fans are eager to see more of his previous cases. It would be interesting to learn how he got famous, what cases he had to solve in the past, and what made him the genius detective he is today.

6. Shanks – One Piece

Shanks is one of the most beloved characters in One Piece, despite having little screen time. He has a colorful past and is a true diplomat who even convinces Sengoku, a fierce navy admiral, to consider his plans. Although some elements of Shanks’ past were revealed in the One Piece Film: Red, it was never enough to answer all the questions fans have about him. Shanks’ adventures with his crew and how he became a pirate would be a story worth telling.

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5. Anya – Spy x Family

Anya from Spy x Family has won over the hearts of many with her quirky personality and unique abilities. She is a psychometric who can read people’s thoughts by touching them, making her an indispensable asset to her spy family. Fans of the series would love to see a spin-off that dives deeper into Anya’s abilities and how she harnesses them in fieldwork.

4. Mikasa Ackerman – Attack on Titan

Mikasa Ackerman is a skilled fighter who won over fans with her loyalty and protective nature towards Eren Yaeger. Despite her popularity, Mikasa’s backstory was never fully fleshed out in Attack on Titan. Fans would love to see a spin-off that focuses on Mikasa’s training and her past life, especially since her family was killed in front of her when she was young.

3. Levi Ackerman – Attack on Titan

Levi is another fan-favorite character from Attack on Titan who leaves a lasting impact. He is a strong fighter and an excellent commander due to his past experience in the Survey Corps. Fans would love to see a spin-off that explores Levi’s background, especially since he has a tragic past that has been hinted at in the series.

2. Jiraiya – Naruto

Jiraiya is a legendary character in the Naruto universe, known for his strength, wisdom, and humor. He was Naruto’s mentor and trained him to eventually become Hokage. Fans would love to see a spin-off that delves deeper into Jiraiya’s past, especially since he had other apprentices before Naruto and traveled extensively throughout his lifetime.

1. Itachi Uchiha – Naruto

Itachi Uchiha is the most popular supporting character to ever appear in Naruto. He is considered one of the greatest ninja in the series due to his stunning abilities, intellect, and tragic backstory. Fans would love a spin-off that focuses on Itachi’s past, especially since his missions and deeds were shrouded in secrecy. His character was a major factor in the development of Sasuke’s and Naruto’s characters in the series, making him a fan-favorite.

In conclusion, anime supporting characters often become just as beloved as the main protagonist. Fans are eager to get a deeper look into their favorite characters’ past and see what they do when they’re not on screen. These top 10 anime supporting characters would make for an excellent spin-off series that would undoubtedly capture their fans’ hearts.

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