Tokyo Revengers: Takemichi's Journey to Improve His Life in the Past
Tokyo Revengers: Takemichi's Journey to Improve His Life in the Past

Tokyo Revengers: Takemichi’s Journey to Improve His Life in the Past

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Takemichi, the main character of the anime series Tokyo Revengers, has the ability to time travel. He keeps going back to the past to improve his life and rescue the people he cares about from death. In this article, we will discuss Takemichi’s journey of self-improvement in the past.

1. Fighting Kiyomasa

Kiyomasa, the leader of a school gang, sees Takemichi as a powerless nobody. However, Takemichi challenges Kiyomasa to a duel to show that life must be defended no matter what. Before Takemichi could fight, his friend Akkun had planned to attack Kiyomasa with a knife. But Takemichi stops Akkun and faces Kiyomasa, and their fight ends as a tie until Kiyomasa uses a cheating weapon.

2. Mediating Mikey and Draken’s Fight

When a friend of Toman, the famous motorcycle gang led by Mikey and Draken, turns himself in for a crime, Mikey wants to help him while Draken wants to honor his decision. The disagreement creates tension and a threat to their unity. However, Takemichi manages to persuade Mikey and Draken not to fight and divide Toman from within.

3. Saving Draken’s Life

As Takemichi comes from the future, he knows that Draken dies on August 3. So he holds onto Draken with all his strength to prevent his death. Although Takemichi fails to stop the fight that will eventually lead to Draken’s death, he escapes with Draken and saves his life at the last moment. After this, Mikey, Draken, and Toman thank Takemichi.
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4. Encouraging Toman

Takemichi is not good at fighting and gets scared every time he faces a battle, usually ending up being beaten. However, in a fight against the stronger Valhalla, Takemichi rallies his friends in Toman with his courage and leads them to victory. He becomes recognized within Toman.

5. Becoming the Division Commander

In the bloody Halloween battle between Toman and Valhalla, Takemichi gains more recognition and is recommended to become the new leader of the first division, replacing Baji, who died in the fight.

In conclusion, Takemichi’s journey in the past is full of self-improvement and bravery. Tokyo Revengers is a must-watch anime that will thrill you with its action, drama, and time-traveling plot.

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