Tokyo Revengers Season 2 - Episode 7 Intensifies Internal Conflict in Shiba Family
Tokyo Revengers Season 2 - Episode 7 Intensifies Internal Conflict in Shiba Family

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 – Episode 7 Intensifies Internal Conflict in Shiba Family

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The latest episode of Tokyo Revengers Season 2, Episode 7, is getting more intense as the internal conflict in the Shiba family escalates into a feud between Toman and Black Dragon. The dispute centers on family members Taiju, Hakkai, and Yuzuha, with Hakkai as one of the division heads of Toman, while Taiju, Hakkai’s elder brother, and Yuzuha are members of Black Dragon’s 10th generation.

The situation becomes more complicated when Takemichi, Yuzuha, Hinata, and Hakkai play bowling together. Takemichi, as a Toman member, is forbidden to enter Black Dragon’s territory, but he unwittingly does so, leading to an attack by Black Dragon members. However, Hakkai pulls Takemichi out of harm’s way and offers to leave Toman in return.

Takemichi, who comes from the future and knows what will happen, tries to prevent Hakkai from leaving Toman. If that happens, Takemichi will have to kill Taiju, become the leader of Black Dragon, and escalate the group’s activities. But despite Chifuyu’s assistance, Takemichi fails to stop Hakkai, and one of their associates, Mitsuyu, makes an offer to Taiju. She agrees to let Hakkai leave Toman, but Taiju must release Yuzuha, and both sides accept the proposal.

In order to fulfill their mission of preventing Taiju’s murder, Takemichi and Chifuyu team up with Kisaki. They receive information that Taiju will spend Christmas Eve alone in a church, praying. Meanwhile, Hakkai once said that he needed to protect his sister, Yuzuha, from Taiju, and that he would try to kill him. But when Hakkai throws a knife at Taiju, Takemichi prevents him, and Taiju taunts him, saying that Hakkai really wants to kill him for another reason.
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Takemichi tries to save Hakkai, but his strength is no match for Taiju’s, and when Taiju strangles Takemichi, Yuzuha stabs him from behind. However, instead of dying, Taiju tortures Yuzuha. When Yuzuha is being persecuted, Mitsuya appears, saving Chifuyu, as he had done before. But when Mitsuya tries to fight Taiju, Black Dragon’s members attack him.

Although the Shiba family’s secret has not been revealed in Episode 7, Yuzuha appears braver than Hakkai when facing Taiju. It could be that Hakkai has been lying about protecting Yuzuha all along, and that it is actually Yuzuha who has been shielding Hakkai from Taiju. If Hakkai’s lie is exposed, his reputation as a Toman member will be ruined, and he may choose to kill Taiju to save face.

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