Tokyo Revengers: Revisiting the Past and Revealing Akkun's Hidden Truth
Tokyo Revengers: Revisiting the Past and Revealing Akkun's Hidden Truth

Tokyo Revengers: Revisiting the Past and Revealing Akkun’s Hidden Truth

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The hit anime series Tokyo Revengers follows the story of Takemichi, a man who has been granted the ability to time travel. Together with Naoto, the younger sister of his girlfriend Hina who is now a police officer, they analyze the deaths of people from Takemichi’s past. The two discover that some of these deaths are predetermined and cannot be avoided despite the endless trips back to the past and changing the course of events.

Aside from the tragedy of Hina’s death, other characters in Tokyo Revengers also experience devastating fates. Draken, whom Takemichi saved from a deadly situation, ultimately ends up being a lifelong prisoner. However, one character stood out the most with drastic changes in personality.

In the past, Akkun was a friend of Takemichi who valued their friendship more than anything else, including himself. He had a passion for hairstyling, with Takemichi fully supporting his aspirations. However, as the time traveler revisits the past, he discovers that it was Akkun who pushed him in front of a train.

In the present, Akkun has become a powerful figure, but Takemichi learns about Akkun’s heinous plans to kill him. Akkun eventually confides that he is a subordinate of Chasaki and that he was following orders. He also asks Takemichi to save as many people as he can before taking his own life.
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Upon returning to the past, Takemichi meets Akkun again, who is now a dedicated hairstylist. However, Takemichi is surprised to discover that it was Akkun who killed Hina, Takemichi’s girlfriend. Akkun ran her over with a car on Chasaki’s orders.

Out of all of Takemichi’s gang members, Akkun was the one who had the closest relationship with him. However, he ultimately became the one who hurt him the most.

In conclusion, Tokyo Revengers is an anime that delves into the complexities of time travel and the hard truth that not all tragedies can be prevented. Furthermore, it shows us how people can change, whether for the better or for the worse, and that sometimes, the people we think we know the most hide dark secrets that can lead to catastrophic consequences.

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