Tips to Remove Black Spots on iPhone Screen Quickly
Tips to Remove Black Spots on iPhone Screen Quickly

Tips to Remove Black Spots on iPhone Screen Quickly

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Are you bothered by black spots on your iPhone screen and don’t know how to remove them? Those spots indicate LCD damage caused by dead pixels, resulting from malfunctioning LCD transistors. These black spots can be frustrating when using your phone, and they can significantly decrease its resale value. But before rushing to the service center, try these easy home remedies to remove black spots on iPhone screens.

1. Press On the LCD Screen

This method is relatively simple but quite effective. You can press directly on the spot with your finger, but make sure you don’t use your nails. Alternatively, you can use a soft cloth to cover the black spot and press it with a gentle force for a few seconds. Repeat this process three times, and then turn off your iPhone and turn it back on. The black spot should disappear. If not, try other methods.

2. Use Cooling Method

This method is effective as it cools down your phone entirely. Before following this method, remove your phone’s casing, battery, SIM, and memory cards. Then place your phone in a sealed airtight plastic container and put it in the freezer for about five to seven hours. After taking it out, let it come to room temperature before removing it from the plastic container. Finally, use a soft cloth to wipe the screen and apply compressed air to it. After it dries, replace the parts you removed and check if the black spot is gone.

3. Heat Up Your Phone

If black spots are visible in the middle or at the corners of your iPhone screen, it indicates dead pixels. You can try warming it up to get rid of the spots. Turn on your screen and prepare a soft towel that you have heated. Slowly glide the towel over the black spot a few times without pressing on it. Check if the spot disappears after a few attempts.

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4. Remove the Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The black spot on your iPhone screen is not always caused by dead pixels; it could also be caused by dirt or debris under the tempered glass screen protector. Removing the tempered glass screen is relatively easy, and after that, you can clean the screen surface using an LCD cleaner available in the market. Use a soft cloth and spray it with a little cleaner, then gently wipe the surface of the screen.

5. Use JScreenFix App

JScreenFix is a third-party app available on iOS that repairs stuck pixels on screens, but it can also help remove black spots if the cause is malfunctioning pixels. Using the app is quite easy. Simply launch the app and follow the instructions to select your screen’s orientation and size. Then place your phone in a flat position and let the app run for at least 10 minutes. Check if the black spot problem is solved after the run.


Before paying a visit to the service center, try out some of these easy solutions to remove black spots on iPhone screens. It’s essential to take good care of your phone and maintain its value. By following these steps, you can refurbish your phone’s LCD screen and keep it flawless.

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