The Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf: Origins of Vesemir
The Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf: Origins of Vesemir

The Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf: Origins of Vesemir

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The Witcher: Nightmare of The Wolf takes us on an animated journey through the roots of Witcherism and the life of Vesemir, one of the most renowned Witchers in The Continent. The film is a prequel to the first season of the hit Netflix series The Witcher and primarily tells the story of Vesemir as a young man.

Tetra Gilcrest, a sorceress, is on a mission to eliminate all the Witchers in Kaer Morhen and rallies the support of Kaedwen’s King. In the midst of this, Vesemir saves a young nobleman from a monster attack in the forest of Kaedwen. The dying monster speaks to Vesemir in an ancient elvish language and warns him of a looming danger.

The movie then takes us back to the past where a young Vesemir, along with his friend Illyana, were enslaved to a noblewoman. Deglan, a Witcher, comes along and frees them from their slavery. When Vesemir sees the wealth that the Witcher carries, he becomes fixated on the idea of becoming a Witcher himself.

After years of brutal experimentation and training, Vesemir grows up to be a famous monster slayer and now mentors Geralt. He reunites with Filavandrel, an elf, after killing the Leshen monster, who made Vesemir think that Kitsu, an Elf girl who had disappeared, had been captured by the Leshen.

Vesemir and his fellow Witcher Luka gets arrested for the murder of two royal soldiers. Tetra convinces the King to execute them, but Lady Zerbst convinces the King to send Vesemir to clear the forest of the danger that Kitsu poses. Vesemir joins forces with Tetra to hunt for Kitsu, where they discover an abandoned Elven school, and free Filavandrel from captivity.

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The duo finally reaches and finds Kitsu, and Vesemir uncovers that Deglan had created monsters that plague The Continent to protect the Witcher race. Tetra uses this information to convince the King to launch an attack on Kaer Morhen. In the end, Geralt manages to escape as a child, leaving Vesemir to face the onslaught brought by Tetra and the King.

1. Vesemir’s Past and Aspirations

2. Vesemir and Tetra’s Quest to Find Kitsu


The Witcher Nightmare of The Wolf is an intriguing prequel to the first season of The Witcher series, offering a backstory to one of the most influential characters, Vesemir. The movie is filled with incredible animation and tales of the Witchers’ struggles and hardships they face in their everyday life. Fans of the series will revel in this latest addition and look forward to the second season of The Witcher series. So, if you’re ready for an adventurous ride into The Continent, grab your sword and join Vesemir on his journey.

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