The Untold Story of Joy Boy's Defeat by Im Sama in One Piece Universe
The Untold Story of Joy Boy's Defeat by Im Sama in One Piece Universe

The Untold Story of Joy Boy’s Defeat by Im Sama in One Piece Universe

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The One Piece Universe has always been shrouded in mystery, with untold stories and hidden secrets waiting to be uncovered. One such mystery is the defeat of Joy Boy, the ruler of the One Piece Universe, by Im Sama 900 years ago. According to the facts revealed by Eiichiro Oda, Joy Boy’s power came from Dewa Nika, but his downfall was due to betrayal and war that took place at night.

Im Sama’s power, sourced from the moon, made the boss of Gorosei stronger when facing Joy Boy in Dewa Nika mode. The 20 ancient kings betrayed Joy Boy, and this made it easy for Im Sama to defeat him in the war that followed. Kerajaan Kuno, consisting of 27 small kingdoms, served Joy Boy when he was the ruler of the One Piece Universe. But when he was defeated, 20 of these kingdoms sided with Im Sama.

Im Sama, who is Joy Boy’s half-brother and the eldest son of Saint Florix, the previous ruler of the ancient Kingdom, was given a different power called Moon God Xark that came from the moon. Before Florix ascended to the throne, he gifted Dewa Nika’s power, which came from the sun, to Joy Boy. But Im Sama’s envy ignited when Joy Boy was selected as the heir to the ancient Kingdom, and he turned his back on his own brother, sparking a civil war.

The war was then fought by the 20 ancient kings who sided with Im Sama and the seven faithful kings who stayed loyal to Joy Boy. The war resulted in Joy Boy’s defeat when he fought on the twelfth night. It is said if Joy Boy had not fought on that night, the outcome of the war would have been different.
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After the war, the 20 ancient kings were reduced to six, and these kings formed the upper echelons of the World Government known as the Gorosei. A Gorosei member named Saint Vegayorix Earth or Gorosei Earth, who died during the God Valley incident, was believed to be alive. Besides, the seven remaining kings of the ancient Kingdom include Bonaris, the king of the Ras Rakshasa, whose lineage is slowly being brought to light in the One Piece Arc Elbaf.

In conclusion, Joy Boy’s defeat came about due to betrayal and war caused by Im Sama, who was jealous of his brother’s rule over the ancient Kingdom. The story serves as a warning that power can lead to envy and a lust for more, resulting in devastating consequences. Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece Universe continues to unfold, with more mysteries and secrets yet to be revealed.

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