The Untold Story of Joy Boy's Defeat by Im Sama in One Piece History
The Untold Story of Joy Boy's Defeat by Im Sama in One Piece History

The Untold Story of Joy Boy’s Defeat by Im Sama in One Piece History

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Have you ever wondered about the story of Joy Boy’s defeat in One Piece history? Joy Boy, a character often associated with Monkey D Luffy, was mentioned for the first time in Poneglyph when Nico Robin read it in the sea forest. Zunesha also spoke about Joy Boy’s return upon learning about Luffy’s power of Dewa Matahari.

Many believe that the name Joy Boy signifies a heroic figure from the past. Recently, Joy Boy has been referred to, as the most feared figure from 900 years ago. For this reason, when Luffy transformed into Dewa Nika after his Awakening, the World Government became worried. They feared that Luffy could be the reincarnation of Joy Boy, as he now possesses the same Devil Fruit powers, which was once in the hands of Joy Boy, who was a threat to the World Government.

The history of Joy Boy’s defeat is still a mystery. However, it is believed that during 900 years ago, according to the One Piece universe, Joy Boy fought Im Sama, and the reason behind his defeat was the war that occurred at night. The power of Im Sama, which originates from the Moon, increased his strength, making it difficult for Joy Boy to defeat him. Besides, Im Sama had the support of 20 ancient kings who betrayed the Ruler of the Ancient Kingdom in the era of void.

The ancient kingdom consisted of 27 small kingdoms that served Joy Boy, the Ruler of the One Piece universe. Im Sama was Joy Boy’s elder sibling, the heir of Saint Florix, the ruler of the previous Ancient Kingdom. In the early story, before Florix’s ascension to the throne, she bequeathed the Sun God Nika or Dewa Nika power to Joy Boy, which originated from the sun. At the same time, for Im Sama, Florix gave the Moon God Xark or Dewa Xark power, which originated from the moon.
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The distribution of power did not matter much at the time. However, after Boy’s appointment as the heir to the Ancient Kingdom, Im Sama became jealous, and the Gorosei leaders launched a rebellion that caused a civil war between the two siblings. The 20 ancient kings managed to dominate seven other kingdoms, who refused to betray Joy Boy.

A war broke out, and the 20 ancient kings were outnumbered and dominated the battlefield, which led Im Sama to easily defeat Joy Boy. However, according to One Piece Fact, the fight with Im Sama would have had a different outcome if Joy Boy did not participate in the 12th war that occurred at night.

The seven ancient kings also asked Joy Boy to head to Laugh Tale, the last island in Greenland. However, he insisted on participating in the war against Im Sama and the 20 other kingdoms. His Dewa Nika powers weakened at night, leading to his defeat by Im Sama and his alliances. The most feared thing by the World Government today is the power of Nika, which now resides with Luffy, which could be a threat to the government.

Will Luffy’s mission of reuniting the old kingdoms be successful, just like what Joy Boy had failed to achieve? We have to wait for the next chapter.

Disclaimer: This article is for entertainment purposes only, and the information shared may or may not be true.

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