The Unique Relationship Between Shanks and Roger in One Piece
The Unique Relationship Between Shanks and Roger in One Piece

The Unique Relationship Between Shanks and Roger in One Piece

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In the world of One Piece, the relationship between characters runs deep and reveals fascinating connections. One of the most intriguing relationships is between Shanks and the late Pirate King, Roger. Looking back on Kozuki Oden’s story, it’s revealed that Shanks had been on Roger’s ship since he was a child, leading to a unique situation. But what about Ace, Roger’s biological son? Did he see Roger differently?

Shanks grew up with Roger on the Oro Jackson and was with the pirate captain until he disbanded the crew and was executed. The bond between the two became so strong that Shanks came to consider Roger as his father figure. This emotional connection was evident in Shanks’ tears during Roger’s execution. It is believed that Shanks inherited more than just Roger’s hat as he had also adopted his fighting style.

In contrast, Ace never had the chance to meet his biological father as he was born after Roger’s execution. He grew up without the knowledge of his father’s true identity and could not comprehend why people treated him differently because of his lineage. Instead of embracing it, Ace resented being Roger’s son, as he felt he carried the burden of his father’s sins without ever knowing him. Ace never changed his negative perception of Roger until his death.

It’s fascinating to compare and contrast the experiences and emotions between Shanks and Ace when it comes to their relationship with Roger. While Shanks saw Roger as a father figure, Ace refused to recognize him as his own. Instead, Ace saw Whitebeard, Roger’s rival, and friend, as his father figure. This truth is proof that family isn’t solely defined by blood but depends on our experiences and those we choose to surround ourselves with.
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In addition to the emotional connection between Roger and Shanks, there is a unique connection between the two when it comes to fighting style. It’s even rumored that Shanks inherited his sword-fighting technique from Roger. This raises another question, what would’ve happened if Ace stayed in the East Blue with Shanks rather than Luffy? Would Shanks have passed the famous straw hat from Roger onto Ace? Would Ace have accepted it?

Overall, the relationship between Shanks, Ace, and Roger in One Piece is fascinating and complicated. It reveals that family connections go beyond biology and depend on our experiences and the people we choose to surround ourselves with. Although Shanks and Ace had vastly different experiences with Roger, they both made choices that were true to themselves.

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