The Unique Powers and Persecution of the Ackerman Clan in Attack on Titan
The Unique Powers and Persecution of the Ackerman Clan in Attack on Titan

The Unique Powers and Persecution of the Ackerman Clan in Attack on Titan

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The world of Attack on Titan is filled with various clans and families, each possessing their own distinct powers and roles. One such clan that stands out is the Ackerman Clan, known for their unique abilities and significant role in Eldian history. In this article, we will delve into the creation of the Ackerman Clan, their powers, and the persecution they faced.

The Ackerman Clan possesses abilities that are reminiscent of Titans without the need for transformation. Unlike regular humans, members of the Ackerman family are physically stronger and possess extraordinary skills. This unique trait has made them invaluable assets in the defense of the Royal family.

But how did the Ackerman Clan come to possess such powers? It all started with the Kerajaan Fritz family, who conducted experiments on both humans and Titans in an attempt to obtain Titan powers without becoming ‘Subjek Ymir’. These experiments ultimately led to the creation of the Ackerman family, who acquired their enhanced abilities as a result.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Ackerman Clan is their ability to access the skills and military experience of their ancestors. Every previous Ackerman’s knowledge and expertise is embedded within each member, allowing them to tap into a wealth of wisdom and combat prowess. This gives them an edge in battles and makes them formidable opponents.

However, unlocking the full potential of an Ackerman comes at a great cost. Extreme personal tragedies serve as the catalyst for unleashing their true power. These tragedies shape and strengthen the individual, unlocking hidden abilities and pushing them to their limits. The path to becoming an Ackerman is one of pain and sacrifice.

The Kerajaan Fritz family recognized the unique abilities and loyalty of the Ackerman Clan and entrusted them with the responsibility of defending the Royal family as ‘penjaga istana’. This role elevated the status of the Ackerman Clan in Eldian society, granting them prominence and respect. Their unwavering dedication to protecting the Royals solidified their position as renowned protectors.

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Interestingly, unlike other Eldians, Ackermans are immune to the control of the Founder Titan. The King’s plan to erase Eldia’s history and memories failed to affect the Ackerman family, rendering them resistant to manipulation. This resistance made them a target for the King, resulting in their persecution and eventual extermination.

The plot against the Ackerman Clan led to their destruction, as seen in the events of Attack on Titan. Only two surviving members, Levi and Mikasa, remain to fulfill their ancestral duty of ‘securing and protecting’. Despite their numbers being reduced, Levi and Mikasa carry on the legacy of their clan and strive to defend what remains.

In conclusion, the Ackerman Clan in Attack on Titan possesses unique powers and plays a critical role in Eldian history. Their outstanding abilities, forged through experimentation, have made them formidable protectors of the Royal family. However, their resistance to manipulation and their duty to defend have resulted in their persecution and near-extinction. Levi and Mikasa, the last remaining members, continue to carry the burden of their ancestral duty with unwavering determination. The story of the Ackerman Clan is a testament to the power of resilience and the sacrifices one must make in the face of adversity.

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