The Unfortunate Fate of the Daruma Witch: Kagurabachi 8 Manga Reveals Nori's Decision to Quit Being a Witch
The Unfortunate Fate of the Daruma Witch: Kagurabachi 8 Manga Reveals Nori's Decision to Quit Being a Witch

The Unfortunate Fate of the Daruma Witch: Kagurabachi 8 Manga Reveals Nori’s Decision to Quit Being a Witch

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In the latest installment of the Kagurabachi manga series, Kagurabachi 8, readers are taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as the unfortunate fate of the Daruma Witch, Nori, is revealed. The manga highlights Nori’s decision to abandon her life as a witch and seek a different path.

The manga features an intense duel between two powerful Magic Katana wielders, Chihiro Rakuhiro and Soujo. The article provides a spoiler-warning for those who haven’t read Kagurabachi 7 yet, as it sets the stage for the events in Kagurabachi 8.

One of the key developments in this chapter is Shiba’s declaration to take charge of investigating Soujo’s powers. As a trusted member of the Magic Council, Shiba aims to uncover the truth behind Soujo’s abilities and their potential dangers.

Meanwhile, Char-chan suggests a strategy to Chihiro to help her deal with the upcoming duel. Char-chan, a seasoned warrior herself, advises Chihiro on how to overcome Soujo’s formidable skills and secure victory.

Amidst all the action and tension, Hina expresses concern for Char-chan’s lack of sleep. As the duo prepares for the battle, Hina worries about Char-chan’s well-being and tries her best to conceal her concern while helping her friend.

The story takes a surprising turn when Nori, also known as Daruma, opens up about her past as an undefeated sorceress. She reveals that she was disowned by her family for being involved in acts of terrorism. The Daruma family encourages her to leave and start anew, leading Nori to question her life as a witch.

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Shiba, noticing Nori’s struggles, advises her to seek a different path. He encourages her to find a purpose outside of being a witch and offers his support in her journey. Nori, now determined to leave her old life behind, makes a phone call to her sibling to inform them of her decision.

To Nori’s delight, her sibling promises to support her and even offers to pick her up the next day. Filled with hope and anticipation, Nori looks forward to starting a new chapter in her life.

However, her plans are met with a unexpected twist as she encounters Soujo, who somehow knows about her whereabouts. Soujo blames Nori for the deaths of innocent individuals and seeks revenge.

With emotions running high, Chihiro and Soujo face off in a fierce confrontation, brandishing their Magic Katanas. The chapter ends with their fight about to begin, leaving readers on the edge of their seats.

In conclusion, Kagurabachi 8 shines a light on Nori’s decision to quit being a witch and seek a different path. The manga explores the consequences of her actions and the challenges she must face as she embarks on a new journey. With thrilling battles and unexpected twists, Kagurabachi continues to captivate readers with its gripping storyline.

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