The Truth behind the Death of Nefertari Cobra and Im Sama's Identity Revealed in One Piece 1085
The Truth behind the Death of Nefertari Cobra and Im Sama's Identity Revealed in One Piece 1085

The Truth behind the Death of Nefertari Cobra and Im Sama’s Identity Revealed in One Piece 1085

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Finally, in One Piece 1085, the evidence revealed that the Nefertari family inherited the will and became the main reason Im Sama killed Cobra. Im Sama wanted to silence the mystery of the D will, and Cobra’s murder uncovered its power and identity. The exchange between the King of Alabasta and the 5 elder Gorosei was being monitored by Wapol, the ruler of the Drum Kingdom. During the dialogue, Cobra and Gorosei discussed the D will mystery in Nefertari Lily’s letter when Im Sama suddenly appeared and walked towards an empty throne. The spoiler of One Piece 1085 revealed that Im Sama felt threatened by the discussion of Nefertari Lily, who knew the D will.

According to the spoiler, the chapter is titled “Death of Nefertari Cobra,” and besides the D will and Cobra’s death, Eiichiro Oda revealed Im Sama’s real identity. Im Sama is actually Nefertari Lily, the figure who defeated the ruler of Ancient Kingdom, Joy Boy 800 years ago. With the revelation of Im Sama’s real name, the universe’s One Piece ruler immediately attacked Sabo and Cobra. Seeing the deadly attack, Cobra pushed Sabo to safety, but he received all of Im Sama’s attacks.

On the other hand, Im found out that Wapol had been spying on them. When Im discovered Wapol’s presence, he fled. Meanwhile, Vivi was captured by CP0, and Wapol emerged in the room where CP0 and Vivi were located. At the chapter’s end, we see Nefertari Cobra lying helpless due to Im’s attack. He then requested Sabo to tell Luffy and Vivi that they came from the same clan, the D clan.

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The good news is that next week, there will be no hiatus, which means the release of chapter 1086 will follow the regular schedule on June 7, 2023, and spoilers will be released a few days beforehand.

In conclusion, the truth behind the death of Nefertari Cobra and the revelation of Im Sama’s identity in One Piece 1085 is a significant breakthrough in uncovering the D clan’s secrets. The story gives us a glimpse of the Nefertari family’s lineage, and Im Sama’s connection to them dates back to 800 years ago. The chapter is packed with action and information that hint at the story’s direction in the upcoming episodes.

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