The Truth Behind God Valley Incident in One Piece Revealed
The Truth Behind God Valley Incident in One Piece Revealed

The Truth Behind God Valley Incident in One Piece Revealed

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The God Valley incident in One Piece has been a mystery for a long time. However, finally, the truth has been uncovered about the event that has been hidden by the World Government. The God Valley incident was one of the defining moments leading to Monkey D Garp earning his reputation as a hero of the Navy. It was the day when the most dangerous pirates in the world, the Rocks Pirates, were annihilated. And the one who accomplished this feat was none other than Monkey D Garp. It has been proven that Gol D. Roger was instrumental in defeating Rocks Pirates alongside Garp.

The fight against Rocks Pirates was one of the most intense naval battles ever witnessed, and it took place on a remote island now vanished from the map, God Valley. While the official story announced by the World Government has portrayed Garp as the hero who emerged victorious, the truth behind the battle is far more complicated. For one, the battle had something to do with the Sky Dragons, a direct descendant of the founding of the World Government.

According to the former Admiral Sengoku, Garp entered into the fight to protect the Sky Dragons. Although Garp himself didn’t care for the haughty nobles, his position as Vice Admiral of the Navy compelled him to protect them at all costs. However, Rocks Pirates was not an enemy that he could face alone, no matter how powerful he was. That’s why Garp had to join forces with another superpower, Gol D. Roger, the future Pirate King, to match the enemy’s strength.

Garp’s achievements as a Navy hero and one of the strongest creatures in the One Piece world are indisputable. It’s remarkable that with his power, influence, and achievements, Garp is still nothing more than a mere Vice Admiral. Garp is one of the strongest, most experienced, and respected Marines. His name is known and admired not only by fellow Marines but also by ordinary people worldwide.

A closer look at the members of the Rocks Pirates would reveal that nearly every member has achieved fame and power, with some being far more powerful than the others. Rocks D. Xebec was the captain of the pirates and the strongest of them all, an ambitious man who wanted to become the King of the World. According to a piece of information from the series, he is one of the only people who was able to challenge Kaido.

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Edward Newgate, also known as Shirohige, was also a part of the Rocks Pirates. Shirohige was not only present during the God Valley incident, but he also later went on to establish his own pirate gang and become one of the Yonkos. He was the strongest man in the world, second only to Rocks Xebec, indicating his immense strength.

Shiki, the captain of the Golden Lion Pirates, was one of the most influential and powerful pirates of all time. While he hasn’t appeared much in the timeline, it’s expected that he would make a significant appearance soon. He led a fleet against the Roger Pirates during the Edd War, and he nearly destroyed Marineford, severely injuring Monkey D. Garp.

Charlotte Linlin, also known as Big Mom, began her own gang after the events in Elbaf. However, she deferred it and instead joined the Rocks Pirates at the age of 24. She was involved in the God Valley Incident and, after their defeat, went back to establish her own pirate group.

In the end, the truth about the God Valley incident shows that even the most powerful individuals in the One Piece world couldn’t achieve their goals alone. It takes the cooperation of other powerful forces to take down even the biggest of threats.

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