The Tragic Story of Ginny and Bonney's Struggle with Sapphire Scale in One Piece Chapter 1098
The Tragic Story of Ginny and Bonney's Struggle with Sapphire Scale in One Piece Chapter 1098

The Tragic Story of Ginny and Bonney’s Struggle with Sapphire Scale in One Piece Chapter 1098

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Chapter 1098 of One Piece, titled ‘Birth of Bonney’, delves into the heartbreaking tale of Ginny and Bonney’s fight against the deadly disease called Sapphire Scale. In this chapter, Ginny, a member of the Revolutionary Army, meets a tragic end as she is kidnapped to become a wife of a Tenryuubito, leaving her daughter Bonney behind.

Ginny suffers from Sapphire Scale, a rare and deadly condition that causes her body to turn blue and her skin to harden like stone or scales when exposed to natural light. This debilitating disease leads to her abandonment by the Tenryuubito, who no longer sees her as desirable due to her condition. Ginny returns to the Sorbet Kingdom, where she entrusts Bonney to the care of the kingdom’s elders as she contacts the Revolutionary Army.

Before her passing, Ginny expresses her love for Bartholomew Kuma, a Revolutionary Army member, who vows to take care of Bonney. Kuma, knowing that Bonney also suffers from Sapphire Scale, leaves the Revolutionary Army to care for her and tries to find a cure for her disease. To protect Bonney from natural light, Kuma keeps her sheltered.

Years pass, and Bonney reaches the age of 5. However, her condition worsens, and it is predicted that she will not survive beyond the age of 10. In her innocence, Bonney mistakenly believes that her disease will be cured when she turns 10, keeping her optimistic.
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Meanwhile, former King Bekori returns to the Sorbet Kingdom and starts mercilessly killing its inhabitants. In the face of this tragedy, Kuma is compelled to seek help from outside sources to protect Bonney and the remaining people of the Sorbet Kingdom.

The tragic story of Ginny and Bonney’s struggle with Sapphire Scale takes center stage in Chapter 1098 of One Piece. It showcases the resilience and determination of these characters as they battle against a deadly disease and face the hardships that come their way. This chapter is not only a tribute to their strength but also a testament to the enduring themes of love, sacrifice, and the will to survive that One Piece explores throughout its narrative.

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