The Tragic Fate of Monkey D Garp in One Piece Chapter 1081
The Tragic Fate of Monkey D Garp in One Piece Chapter 1081

The Tragic Fate of Monkey D Garp in One Piece Chapter 1081

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In the latest One Piece chapter 1081, Monkey D Garp’s fate takes a tragic turn. The previous chapter saw him in action on Hachinosu Island, where he managed to demolish buildings with his powerful Galaxy ImpacT punch. The Blackbeard Pirates happened to be on the island at the time and were challenged by Garp.

Shiryu, Avalo Pizarro, Vasco Shot, and Sanjuan Wolf were not easy opponents as they were all devil fruit users, but Garp’s mastery of Haki made defeating them effortless. However, Blackbeard himself arrived just in time to save his crew members from defeat. This resulted in a confrontation between Garp and Kurohige while the rest of the Sword faction continued to fight the Blackbeard Pirates.

Kurohige proved to be a formidable opponent, having awakened three devil fruits at once. Garp, believing he had the upper hand, underestimated Kurohige’s Haki capabilities. Kurohige was just as skilled as Garp and brought him down with the power of the Gura Gura no Mi and Yami Yami no Mi. Garp had no chance against Kurohige’s merciless and inhumane attacks, leading to his tragic demise.

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The Sword faction, including Bogard, who was close to Garp, were shocked by his death and sought revenge against Kurohige. They fought fiercely, and although Kurohige’s power had increased, the Sword faction managed to give him a hard time. The battle’s outcome remains unknown, but Luffy received the sad news of his grandfather’s death.

In conclusion, Monkey D Garp’s fate in One Piece chapter 1081 was not a happy one. His skills in Haki were no match for Kurohige’s awakened devil fruits. His tragic death left his allies shocked and seeking revenge. Nonetheless, the fate of the Sword faction and their battle against Kurohige remain unknown.

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