The Top 10 Fastest Characters in One Piece Who Aren't Devil Fruit Users
The Top 10 Fastest Characters in One Piece Who Aren't Devil Fruit Users

The Top 10 Fastest Characters in One Piece Who Aren’t Devil Fruit Users

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One Piece is a famous anime and manga series that follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates. When discussing the fastest characters in One Piece, Devil Fruit users are often considered the top contenders. However, there are some characters who are incredibly fast despite not being Devil Fruit users.

Here are the top 10 fastest characters in One Piece who aren’t Devil Fruit users:

10. Kuro

Kuro is one of the fastest characters in East Blue and can move at speeds comparable to Soru users. What’s more impressive is that he achieved this speed purely through his physical abilities, without any Devil Fruit powers.

However, many characters in Grand Line and New World have surpassed Kuro’s speed.

9. Jinbe

Jinbe represents the Fishman race in this list. In water, Fishmen can move incredibly fast and, coupled with their immense physical strength, Jinbe becomes a major threat to his opponents in sea battles. While being a Devil Fruit user is a weakness for some characters in One Piece, it is a strength for Jinbe and the Fishmen.

8. Dellinger

Dellinger is a fast, agile, and strong character in One Piece. He has defeated several of Luffy’s allies, including Ideo. However, his speed is still no match for Hakuba.

7. Koby

Koby is unique in that he is one of the users of Soru that doesn’t eat Devil Fruits. Unlike CP9, whose fastest members are Devil Fruit users, Koby can move quickly both on land and at sea. In chapter 903, Koby anticipates a torpedo with impressive speed.

6. Lucky Roux

Although Shanks’ crew hasn’t had any serious fights yet, he, Benn Beckman, and Lucky Roux has shown incredible speed. Lucky Roux, for instance, suddenly appeared beside a bandit and shot him in the head.

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5. Benn Beckman

Beckman took out all of Higuma’s subordinates in an instant, proving himself to be incredibly fast. At Marineford, he suddenly moved behind Kizaru’s ship mast and aimed his gun, catching Kizaru off guard.

4. Hakuba

Cavendish is a skilled fighter but is even more dangerous as Hakuba. His speed is so great that even Dellinger couldn’t react to his attack, and he quickly defeats his opponents in the arena.

3. Sanji

Sanji is one of the fastest characters in One Piece and achieved this speed through training with the okamas. In one instance, he kicked Oven and returned without being noticed. After powering up during the events of Onigashima, Sanji became even faster and seems to disappear with his movements.

2. Silvers Rayleigh

Even in his old age, Rayleigh could stop Kizaru, a light-based Devil Fruit user. He cut Kizaru when the admiral tried to flee and, despite Kizaru using his full power, was able to keep him at bay.

1. Shanks

Shanks demonstrated his speed during the Marineford war when he appeared out of nowhere and stopped a punch from Akainu aimed at Koby. He could keep up with Kizaru in the non-canon One Piece Film: Red and maintain impressive speed in chapter 1079 when he quickly strikes Kid with Divine Departure.

These 10 characters in One Piece prove that being a Devil Fruit user isn’t necessary to be incredibly fast. They use their physical abilities and training to achieve incredible speed.

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