The Strongest Marine Members That Accompanied Monkey D. Garp in the Battle Against Kurohige in One Piece
The Strongest Marine Members That Accompanied Monkey D. Garp in the Battle Against Kurohige in One Piece

The Strongest Marine Members That Accompanied Monkey D. Garp in the Battle Against Kurohige in One Piece

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If you are a One Piece fan, you must have heard of the intense battle that took place in Beehive between the Marine group led by Monkey D. Garp and the Yonkou Kurohige. This battle has been a hot topic among fans, especially with Monkey D. Garp being mentioned as the losing party. However, his defeat in One Piece 1075 was not only due to his age catching up with him but also because his subordinates were unable to withstand the attacks of Kurohige’s crew.

Despite having powerful members in the Marine, the five members accompanying Monkey D. Garp to Beehive were a burden to him. This inability to fight against the Yonkou’s commanders led to the death of Monkey D. Garp, and the mission to save Coby ended disastrously with a significant loss to the Marine force. Let’s take a look at the five Marine members who followed Monkey D. Garp in the mission to rescue Coby at Beehive.

1. Helmeppo

Helmeppo is the closest friend of Coby, and there was no way he would refuse to join Monkey D. Garp in rescuing his friend. He and Coby both underwent training given by Monkey D. Garp, but Coby proved to be stronger. Consequently, Helmeppo was a burden to Monkey D. Garp in Beehive.

2. Hibari

Hibari, although she hasn’t been seen fighting yet in One Piece 1975, is believed to be one of the strong Marine members due to being a part of the secret Marine organization called Sword. Despite this, her fighting abilities are not yet at the level of the Yonkou commanders, making her unable to help Monkey D. Garp in the battle.
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3. Bogard

Bogard is Monkey D. Garp’s right-hand man and is believed to be the strongest among the five members. He is on par with the Yonkou commanders’ level, but he was facing two to three of them alone at Beehive. Even though he was strong, he stood no chance against three Yonkou commanders alone.

4. Tashigi

Tashigi is known for her swordsmanship skills and has a prominent screen time in One Piece. She fought against the Kurohige commander, Catarina Devon, but retreated after witnessing her comrades being defeated.

5. Smoker

Smoker is not seen in Markas G-14, but his subordinates are present there, making it possible that he was there during the battle. Having a good relationship with Aokiji, Smoker became the strongest member to join Monkey D. Garp in Beehive. Similar to Bogard, he was outnumbered and eventually lost in the battle against Kurohige’s commanders.

In conclusion, these five members of the Marine were no match against the Yonkou’s commanders, and their presence in the battle was a burden for Monkey D. Garp. Their inability to help and defend the mission led to a significant loss for the Marine force. However, this battle remains one of the most epic battles in One Piece, especially with the involvement of Monkey D. Garp and Kurohige.

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