The Story of Shanks, the Yonkou Who Wants a Mechanical Arm
The Story of Shanks, the Yonkou Who Wants a Mechanical Arm

The Story of Shanks, the Yonkou Who Wants a Mechanical Arm

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Shanks, one of the Yonkou, made headlines in chapter 1079 of One Piece as he showcased his prowess on Elbaf Island by taking on Kid’s pirate crew single-handedly. Kid and his crew were left helpless after Shanks used his Kamusari technique, which was too powerful for them to handle.

After the incident on Elbaf, Shanks and his crew headed to Egghead Island, but during the journey, Shanks suddenly asked his crew to speak to them about his desire following the fight with Kid. He jokingly stated that he wanted to have a mechanical arm like the one Kid had.

This remark by Shanks left his crew laughing, as they were surprised that their boss wanted his arm back. It is known that Shanks lost his arm when he saved Luffy from a monster attack in the village of Foosha.

Despite losing his arm, Shanks remains one of the Yonkou who is still powerful and has formidable crew members. The mechanical arm was initially used by Kid, who used a piece of iron that he pulled to use as his arm. But like Shanks, Kid lost his arm due to the misdeeds of Shanks’ crew.
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In conclusion, the story of Shanks, the Yonkou who wants a mechanical arm, is an interesting one that adds depth to the character. It shows that even powerful individuals like Shanks have flaws and desires that make them more human. One Piece fans can only wait to see what other surprises Oda has in store for them in the upcoming chapters.

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