The Significance of Naruto's "Dattebayo" Catchphrase
The Significance of Naruto's "Dattebayo" Catchphrase

The Significance of Naruto’s “Dattebayo” Catchphrase

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Naruto Uzumaki’s catchphrase “Dattebayo” is an iconic aspect of his character’s dialogue. Have you ever wondered what it means and why it became Naruto’s signature phrase? Let’s take a closer look.

1. The Habit is Inherited from Kushina to Naruto and Boruto

Since he was a child, Naruto had a habit of adding the word “Dattebayo” at the end of his sentences. This unique habit has been passed down in the Uzumaki family from Kushina. According to Kushina, she grew up quickly, which made her speak and learn the word “Dattebane,” which later became a habit. Similarly, Boruto utters “Dattebasa” as his catchphrase.

2. Kishimoto Wanted to Show Naruto’s Childishness

Masashi Kishimoto designed Naruto initially as a character with childlike and upbeat characteristics. Thus, he needed a phrase to depict Naruto as lively and energetic. Therefore, he picked the catchphrase “Dattebayo” to show Naruto’s childlike nature.

3. The Phrase Does Not Have a Clear Meaning in Japanese

If we look at the phrase “Dattebayo” separately, it does not seem to have a specific meaning in Japanese. “Da” can be a casual form of “Desu,” “Tteba” roughly translates to “Just like I said,” and “Yo” is an assertive particle. Therefore, the phrase can translate to “Just like I said” or “I told you so,” but it doesn’t have a specific meaning. Kishimoto intended to create the phrase as a unique characteristic of Naruto’s speech and personality.

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4. In the English Dub, “Dattebayo” Translates to “Believe it!”

In the official English dub, “Dattebayo” has been translated as “Believe it!” This phrase conveys the meaning of Naruto’s speech uniquely, which is absent in the Japanese phrase. Thus, we could say that “Believe it” captures the essence of Naruto’s childlike and optimistic character.

In conclusion, while Naruto’s catchphrase “Dattebayo” might not have a clear meaning, it has been an iconic phrase for the character. With its inclusion in the English dub as “Believe it,” it also exemplifies Naruto’s motivation to never lose faith in himself and others.

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