The Shocking Betrayal of Garp Revealed in One Piece 1087
The Shocking Betrayal of Garp Revealed in One Piece 1087

The Shocking Betrayal of Garp Revealed in One Piece 1087

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In the latest installment of One Piece 1087, Eiichiro Oda presents shocking revelations about Garp’s betrayal of the Navy. The clues provided shed light on Garp’s turncoat actions following the defeat of Rocks D Xebec at God Valley. But what secrets did Garp uncover after his encounter with Rocks at God Valley? Let’s delve into the details of One Piece 1087 to find out.

God Valley, the second island after Mariejoa, served as the headquarters of the Tenryuubito. Thirty-eight years ago, Rocks, driven by his desire to annihilate the Tenryuubito and obtain the Devil Fruits’ wealth hidden on God Valley, emerged. Little did anyone realize that Rocks’ audacity was what triggered the primal instincts of the D Clan to fight against their natural enemies.

Im Sama and their subordinates in the World Government, a force much stronger than Shanks, became their targets. Prior to the God Valley incident, the World Government appeared safe, enjoying a semblance of peace. However, when the incident occurred, some individuals from the D Clan got involved. Rocks was the instigator, Garp was his opponent, and Roger was an uninvited guest.

The clash at God Valley opened Garp’s eyes to the reality that the Tenryuubito were nothing but garbage. They were not gods to be worshipped, as Garp had previously believed. This realization became the foundation of his son Monkey D Dragon’s ideology and the basis for organizing a resistance movement. Furthermore, Roger finally understood that Lodestar Island was not the last island in the Grand Line due to the God Valley incident. He realized that the World Government was trying to conceal the existence of the true last island to protect the world’s secrets.
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Since that incident, the unknowing fate of the D Clan slowly led them back onto the path of rebellion against Im Sama’s authority. Not only did they become skeptical of the World Government, but Garp also began to doubt whether the Navy truly sided with the weak citizens. This is the essence of Garp’s betrayal and transformation following his encounter with Rocks at God Valley, as depicted in One Piece 1087.

The intricate plot of One Piece continues to unfold, surprising fans with each new chapter. As the story progresses, the secrets of the past and the motivations of the characters come to light, captivating readers and keeping them eagerly invested in the world of One Piece. Stay tuned for more exhilarating twists and revelations in this epic manga series.

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