The Secret of Nefertari Family in One Piece: The Descendants of Queen Lily Can Control Uranus
The Secret of Nefertari Family in One Piece: The Descendants of Queen Lily Can Control Uranus

The Secret of Nefertari Family in One Piece: The Descendants of Queen Lily Can Control Uranus

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The Nefertari family has become an important plot point in the anime One Piece. The recent revelations show that Im Sama has been targeting the family due to their link to a powerful ancient weapon, Uranus. The proof of Im Sama’s interest in the family is evident by the pursuit of him and the World Government towards Nefertari Lily. In One Piece’s latest arc, Nefertari Cobra’s death showed that the royal family from Alabasta has become the target of operation.

According to some credible sources, the descendants of Queen Nefertari Lily can control the ancient weapon, Uranus. This revelation might be what drove Im Sama to pursue the Nefertari family, knowing that they possess a significant threat to his plans. Im Sama is known to have excellent control of Uranus, and he does not want anyone interfering with his goals.

One particular Nefertari member, Vivi, has also gained significant attention from fans. Many speculate that Im Sama is interested in her capabilities, which are similar to his. It has been revealed that Im Sama is pursuing several people, including Vivi, Shirahoshi, Blackbeard, and Luffy. Many fans are eager to uncover Im Sama’s reasons for pursuing these characters and how they may be connected.

The most recent arc, Reverie, showed Vivi attending with her father, Nefertari Cobra. After being separated from the crew, many fans were relieved when she was revealed to be alive and hiding on Big News Morgan’s ship with Wapol. Despite her safety, fans speculate why the World Government has an interest in her and how she relates to Uranus.
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Many fans theorize that Vivi has the same abilities as Im Sama, which sparks debate on her role within the story. In chapter 1059, Im Sama easily destroyed the Lulusia Kingdom using a mysterious ability to control Uranus. This ability is similar to what Vivi is thought to be able to do, the power to control Uranus. As Uranus is one of the three Ancient Weapons, this makes Vivi an important piece in One Piece’s narrative.

The Nefertari family is one of the 20 great kingdoms that formed World Government 800 years ago. They refused to join the government after a massive battle 800 years ago, which resulted in Queen Lily’s disappearance. The Queen is a vital figure in the Nefertari family’s history and was also involved in the events of Uranus. Many fans speculate that Im Sama’s connection to the Nefertari family is much deeper than what has been shown so far.

In conclusion, the Nefertari family’s connection to Uranus and their ability to control the powerful weapon makes them a target for Im Sama and the World Government. Vivi’s capabilities have become a significant point of interest for many fans, and her role in One Piece’s story has become crucial. As the plot develops, fans are eager to see how the Nefertari family’s history connects to the story’s larger narrative.

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