The Secret behind the power of Im Sama in One Piece 1086 revealed
The Secret behind the power of Im Sama in One Piece 1086 revealed

The Secret behind the power of Im Sama in One Piece 1086 revealed

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As One Piece fans eagerly anticipate the reveal of the true identity of Im Sama, the latest episode, One Piece 1086, offers some intriguing clues about the power of this mysterious figure. In fact, creator Eiichiro Oda has been providing hints about Im Sama since the Alabasta Arc, and observant fans may have already noticed the connections.

One of the most interesting hints comes from a painting discovered in the underground area of the Alabasta Kingdom. The image shows the sealing of a creature that resembles a dark demon, and considering the connection between Nefertari Lily, an ancestor of the Alabasta Kingdom, and Im Sama, it’s possible that the painting depicts the manifestation of Im Sama.

Furthermore, Oda has hinted that the power of Im Sama and the Gorosei stems from the manifestation of evil desires and dark dreams. This aligns with Enel’s statement in Skypiea that fear creates gods rather than the other way around. In One Piece 1086, Im Sama demonstrates the power to create anything, including arrows made of black shadows, and to consume Sabo’s fire. These abilities suggest that Im Sama has consumed a Devil Fruit that relates to the manifestation of dark dreams and fears, much like the character No-Face from Spirited Away, who takes on the form of humans and feeds on their emotions.

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Moreover, Im Sama’s resemblance to No-Face aligns with their names. In the kanji Japanese writing, Im Sama’s name means “void” or “emptiness,” while the name No-Face references a lack of identity or face, and both characters are associated with dark dreams and fears.

Finally, the Void Century, which refers to the lost 100 years of world history in One Piece, may be linked to the power of Im Sama, as it revolves around a disappearance of light from the world. This could relate to the idea that darkness and fear created Im Sama and the Gorosei, and their ultimate goal is to eliminate light from the world once and for all.

In conclusion, the latest episode of One Piece provides some fascinating clues about the power and identity of Im Sama. It’s clear that creator Eiichiro Oda has been hinting at Im Sama’s connections to dark dreams and fears since the Alabasta Arc. Fans eagerly await further revelation of the true identity of Im Sama and the Gorosei and how their power and history are connected to the Void Century.

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