The Role of Sun God Nika in One Piece 1087: The Revealed Secret and Luffy's Connection
The Role of Sun God Nika in One Piece 1087: The Revealed Secret and Luffy's Connection

The Role of Sun God Nika in One Piece 1087: The Revealed Secret and Luffy’s Connection

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One Piece 1087 just revealed one of the greatest secrets of the series – the role of Sun God Nika, also known as Dewa Nika, in Joy Boy’s destiny, which is also connected to Monkey D Luffy’s fate. Moreover, the corrupt secrets of the Pemerintah Dunia (World Government) have been uncovered. The existence of Sun God Nika has been one of the biggest secrets of the Pemerintah Dunia, and his connection with Joy Boy’s destiny has been a puzzle since the Abad Kekosongan era. But what is the role of Dewa Nika exactly? How is Luffy tied to Joy Boy’s “blessing” by Dewa Nika? Let’s take a closer look at the spoilers of One Piece 1087.

In One Piece chapter 1073, it was revealed that Gear 5 could transform Luffy into a powerful figure. Finally, One Piece provides a major clue as to how Dewa Nika transformed Luffy, who is predicted to be the reincarnation of Joy Boy. Although Dewa Nika was first mentioned in the Wano arc, he was quickly established as one of the most important characters in the series. Not only is he the first actual god in One Piece, but the fact that the Pemerintah Dunia has been trying hard to erase evidence of his existence makes him one of their greatest threats.

The idea of Dewa Nika is further emphasized by the mystery of the Gum-Gum Fruit and the Human Fruit Model: Nika, which are both consumed by Luffy and Joy Boy respectively. Dewa Nika will undoubtedly play a major role in the final saga of One Piece. Although Dewa Nika’s connection to Luffy was not mentioned in chapter 1073, it can be easily seen by considering the context of the revelation and Dewa Nika’s character.

The closest possibility of Dewa Nika is related to the connection between Dewa Nika and the Celestial Dragons. This seems to be in line with the appearance of one of the Gorosei, Jaygarcia Saturn, and the ancient weapon named after a planet, which implies that all Old Stars in One Piece will be named after celestial objects as well. The most important thing is that Dewa Nika fits the same naming scheme by being a Sun God, which strongly suggests that Dewa Nika is involved with the Celestial Dragons who established the Pemerintah Dunia.
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If Dewa Nika is indeed connected to the Celestial Dragons, it will give a completely different picture about him. Assuming that Dewa Nika’s story as a freedom fighter is not a lie, it means that the possibility only happened after Dewa Nika committed a cruel act similar to what is known by the Celestial Dragons. It makes Dewa Nika a messianic figure depicted in the Wano arc One Piece. But at the same time, it adds depth to his heroic actions because it means they started after Dewa Nika changed his mind about what he and the Celestial Dragons are doing.

The idea of Dewa Nika being a former acquaintance of the Celestial Dragons could change many things about One Piece, especially in Luffy’s role. By utilizing Dewa Nika through his Devil Fruit, Luffy delivers not only a power that threatens the Pemerintah Dunia but also the desire of someone who betrayed the Celestial Dragons at a critical point in their history. This emphasizes the importance of Luffy’s involvement in the fall of the Pemerintah Dunia in One Piece.

Luffy’s pivotal role is a natural extension of what has been done in One Piece with him. For years, it has been made clear that Luffy has inherited the will of Roger and Joy Boy, with Luffy’s desire to live as freely as possible symbolizing what they both fought for. Luffy’s freedom is only natural. The exact role he will play in One Piece has not yet been seen, but with the manga entering its final stages, it will certainly become clear soon.

In conclusion, Dewa Nika’s role in One Piece 1087 is a huge revelation that connects Joy Boy’s destiny to Luffy. Dewa Nika may have a connection to the Celestial Dragons, and Luffy’s pivotal role in the fall of the Pemerintah Dunia is emphasized. One Piece has always been a roller-coaster ride of adventure, and this new plot twist is set to take readers on an even wilder ride.

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