The Revelation of Shanks' Family Background in One Piece 1087
The Revelation of Shanks' Family Background in One Piece 1087

The Revelation of Shanks’ Family Background in One Piece 1087

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As the story of One Piece unfolds further, new secrets and revelations come to light. In Chapter 1087, Eiichiro Oda finally unveils the family background of the beloved character, Shanks. It is disclosed that Shanks’ father, who was a Holy Knight leader, had a run-in with one of the most notorious pirates, Rocks D Xebec, at God Valley.

The incident occurred 38 years ago when Rocks was planning to kill all the Tenryuubito present at God Valley. But how did Shanks’ father end up at God Valley, and who exactly was he? Find out more about One Piece Chapter 1087 below.

As fans are aware, a Tenryuubito member of the Donquixote family has already been executed in Mariejoa, known as the Holy Land. It turns out that this member, Mjosgard, once protected the Fish-Man race. Moreover, surprisingly, Oda reveals the person who executed Mjosgard to be the highest-ranked commander of the Holy Knights, Saint Garling Figarland.

While he looks old like Dragon, the narrator confirms that Saint Garling Figarland has terrifying strength. He has unique hair styled like a crescent moon and is believed to be a swordsman wielding one of the 12 Saijo O Wazamono swords, the best swords in the world. So far, only three Saijo O Wazamono swords have been revealed.
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Furthermore, in the same scene, it is confirmed that Saint Garling Figarland was the former king of God Valley. This indirectly confirms that the Holy Knight leader also participated in fighting against Rocks and his pirate crew. It means that not only Garp and Roger defeated Rocks, but they also got help from other powers.

Thus, it can be assumed that the Figarland family controls God Valley Island. Additionally, Oda previously confirmed that Shanks belonged to the Figarland family. Therefore, Saint Garling Figarland must be related to Shanks by blood. It is interesting to note that Shanks was found as a baby in a chest at God Valley, which further hints that the Holy Knight leader was indeed his father.

In conclusion, One Piece Chapter 1087 has finally shed light on Shanks’ family background and his connection with the Holy Knight leader Saint Garling Figarland. As the story continues, we can look forward to more exciting revelations and adventure. Stay tuned for further updates on One Piece.

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