The Revelation of Joy Boy and the Mysterious World of One Piece
The Revelation of Joy Boy and the Mysterious World of One Piece

The Revelation of Joy Boy and the Mysterious World of One Piece

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The One Piece saga reveals its biggest secret after the appearance of Zunisha in Egghead and the revelation of the destiny that binds Monkey D Luffy and Joy Boy. Joy Boy is the ruler of the void century and the first user of the Gomu Gomu no Mi devil fruit, which is now Luffy’s power in Gear 5. The Government of the World wants to capture Luffy, especially his Dewa Nika ability. However, their plan is predicted to fail because of the protection that Zunisha gave to Luffy, whom it perceived to be Joy Boy.

Zunisha is revealed to be a Kuno animal and a friend of Joy Boy, a giant elephant that travels around the New World carrying the island of Zou on its back for a thousand years. As the oldest living being introduced in the series, Zunisha’s appearance moves the primary storyline and emphasizes the involvement of Dewa Nika, Monkey D Luffy, and Joy Boy in One Piece.

Joy Boy’s role in the destiny that binds Luffy and Dewa Nika is finally exposed in Chapter One Piece. The chapter provides a crucial detail on how Dewa Nika changed Luffy, believed to be the reincarnation of Joy Boy, into a powerful figure. Dewa Nika is among the most important characters in One Piece since it’s the first actual god in the series.

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The Abad Kekosongan or the void century is one big mystery in One Piece, where only a few major incidences are revealed. It is a hundred years period that takes place 800-900 years ago, during which events that determine the current age of living humans occur. However, these big events are concealed by the Government of the World.

The viewers only know little about the void century, but dedicated fans have uncovered great secrets. One of them is the creation of the Government of the World, 20 kings united to battle with the Kingdom during the void century and eventually founded the Government of the World. The dragon god or the Naga Langit, the descendants of the 20 kings, contributed to the establishment of the new ruling power.

Another incidence known to few is the creation of the Poneglyph to preserve history and the destruction of Shandora, the golden city that once existed during the void century. Shandora played a vital role during that time, making it a significant and most prosperous city.

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