The Resemblance of Eida in Boruto to Lisa from BLACKPINK
The Resemblance of Eida in Boruto to Lisa from BLACKPINK

The Resemblance of Eida in Boruto to Lisa from BLACKPINK

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As Part 1 of Boruto draws to its end, a character has been introduced named Eida. Eida is a cyborg who was frozen for several years and has been modified by the hands of Amado. Eida has gained popularity among fans, particularly KPop fans, because of the resemblance of her appearance to Lisa from BLACKPINK.

Eida first debuted in the Boruto anime on episode 287, but she appeared earlier in the manga, specifically in chapter 56. Since her appearance in the anime, Eida has been in the limelight due to her resemblance to Lisa BLACKPINK. Fans have noticed that Eida’s long hair with bangs is similar to Lisa’s hairstyle.

Moreover, fans have compared Eida and Lisa’s features, such as their facial structure, eyes, and even details like moles. Many fans have also edited Lisa’s hair color to match Eida’s more closely.

Fans speculated that the creators of Boruto may have drawn inspiration from Lisa for the character of Eida. However, there has been no official statement from the Boruto creators regarding this speculation. Despite this, Eida has become a popular character in Boruto.
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Fans have even photoshopped Lisa’s face onto Eida’s character, creating a cosplay version of Lisa as Eida. It has become a topic of discussion among fans, and people are curious about what Lisa would look like if she cosplayed as Eida.

In conclusion, whether intentional or not, there are striking similarities between Eida in Boruto and Lisa from BLACKPINK. Fans have noticed the similarities in their hairstyle, facial features, and even the details in their appearance. Eida has become a pop culture sensation, and fans continue to speculate about her possible inspiration from Lisa BLACKPINK.

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