The Requin: A Synopsis of the Horrifying Shark Attack Movie
The Requin: A Synopsis of the Horrifying Shark Attack Movie

The Requin: A Synopsis of the Horrifying Shark Attack Movie

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The Requin is a horror-thriller movie directed and written by Le-Van Kiet. The movie takes place in Vietnam and tells the story of a couple, Jaelyn and Kyle, who went on a vacation to heal after Jaelyn experienced a miscarriage. The two rented a luxurious villa that was built above the sea without knowing the calamity that awaited them. The movie is a typical story of a shark attack, but the thrill and horror that it brings are unmatched.

The Couple’s Vacation to Vietnam

Jaelyn and Kyle went to Vietnam to enjoy their time together and heal after the traumatic experience of Jaelyn’s miscarriage. They rented a luxurious villa, some of the rooms of which were built above the sea. Jaelyn had a phobia towards water after the traumatic experience, but Kyle insisted they should stay at the villa to heal. While in Vietnam, the couple traveled around the city and slowly tried to move on from their past. However, things took a turn for the worse when they went for a swim.

The Horrifying Shark Attack

The weather quickly changed, and a storm at sea caused the waves to become high and violent. The couple’s bungalow shook, and they received a call from the resort management to relocate to a safer room away from the sea, but they refused. The waves hit the bungalow so hard that it got detached from its foundation and swept away by the sea. While floating on the ocean, the couple tried their best to survive until they saw a landmass in the distance. Unfortunately, things were about to get worse as a shark attacked them while they tried to make their way to the landmass, leading to Kyle’s death.

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The Requin is a thrilling and terrifying movie that is both nerve-wracking and engaging. It shows a seemingly enjoyable vacation turning into a nightmare, where a couple faces a gruesome attack from a shark. In the end, the movie leaves you questioning whether you would be able to survive such a situation. If you are looking for a movie that will keep you at the edge of your seat with an adrenaline rush, then The Requin is a must-watch.
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