The Race to Become Pirate King in One Piece- Buggy, Luffy and Teach
The Race to Become Pirate King in One Piece- Buggy, Luffy and Teach

The Race to Become Pirate King in One Piece- Buggy, Luffy and Teach

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In One Piece, the Four Yonkou, Shanks, Teach, Luffy, and Buggy, have become rulers of the sea, albeit by sharing territorial or power regions. Among the four Yonkou, it seems that only Shanks has no desire to become a Pirate King, and his goal to find the treasure One Piece is only to fulfill his promise to Roger. However, the remaining three Yonkou, Teach, Luffy, and Buggy have a strong desire to become Pirate Kings and rule the sea, although they each have different plans.

Luffy has shown since the beginning of One Piece that he has a dream to become a Pirate King, believing it will enable him to achieve his primary goal of world peace. The Straw Hat captain thinks that by becoming a Pirate King, he can bring peace to the world without resorting to wars, as it has happened in various kingdoms in the past.

In contrast, Teach wants to become a Pirate King to be the successor of Gol D. Roger, perhaps even more so that he can have complete control over the seas. Teach is willing to do anything to achieve his goals, as evidenced by his ruthless actions, including killing his own crew members, to get Demon Fruit powers, which he believes will make him the strongest Pirate King.

Meanwhile, Buggy also dreams of becoming a Pirate King to have unlimited power and to be feared throughout One Piece’s ocean. Buggy has a chance to become Pirate King mainly because he is one of Eiichiro Oda’s favorite characters. This favoritism could even pave the way for him to be part of the Tenryuubito and eventually become a Yonkou, even though he isn’t that strong.
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Buggy, who was a crew member of Gol D Roger, saw the captain’s capabilities and power during his reign as the Pirate King, although it was only brief as Roger disbands his crew after finding One Piece. Although Buggy’s primary goal is not to become a Pirate King, he wants to find One Piece treasure, which he couldn’t find when he was Roger’s crew member.

By joining Cross Guild and going after the Navy as its members, Buggy has shown some of his strengths, which is becoming a threat to the World Government, especially to the Gorosei.

In conclusion, the race to become Pirate King is heating up and, Luffy, Teach, and Buggy should prepare to fight fiercely to achieve their dreams. All three are strong contenders, and it will be exciting to see who will come out on top and rule the seas of One Piece.

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