The Power of Rinnegan: Sasuke's Six Tomoe Explained in Naruto Anime
The Power of Rinnegan: Sasuke's Six Tomoe Explained in Naruto Anime

The Power of Rinnegan: Sasuke’s Six Tomoe Explained in Naruto Anime

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In the world of Naruto anime, the Rinnegan is considered one of the strongest Kekkei Genkei among Sharingan and Byakugan. The users of Rinnegan are also very rare compared to those possessing the Byakugan and Sharingan. Some of the characters who are Rinnegan users are Sasuke, Madara, Obito, and Nagato, but Sasuke’s Rinnegan stands out as the strongest among them all. With six tomoe or black dots surrounding the central black dot, Sasuke’s Rinnegan also referred to as Shrinnegan, holds unmatched powers.

In Naruto Gaiden, it was revealed that the tomoe can be seen when someone reaches their full potential. So, when Sasuke uses Rinnegan for a long time, the tomoe disappears until his power reaches its fullest potential. To obtain the Rinnegan’s power, one must receive Hagoromo Otsutsuki’s chakra directly or combine it with Indra or Ashura’s chakra.

Sasuke first awakened his Rinnegan when he fought Uchiha Madara after meeting the conditions of Hogoromo. Sasuke’s greatness lies in the fact that he can still control the power of Itachi’s Mangekyou Sharingan in the same eyes holding the Rinnegan. The Rinnegan is also known as the god’s eyes, and anyone who awakens it possesses extraordinary power.

The Rinnegan users are blessed with six paths’ fundamental powers, such as the Naraka path that grants access to the King of Hell, the Deva path that allows a user to manipulate repulsion and attraction, and the Animal path to summon animals. The remaining paths are the Asura path that can manifest weaponry from the user’s body, the Preta path to absorb chakra techniques and ninjutsu, and the Human path to steal the soul of other humans. Sasuke has mastered all the paths of Rinnegan, even opening the seventh path that enables him to revive the dead.
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The six tomoe that Sasuke possesses on his Rinnegan eyes also allows him to travel through dimensions, from one to another, harnessing extra power. This power of Sasuke‚Äôs Rinnegan has enabled him to find information about the Otsutsuki clan’s whereabouts, including the existence of the ten-tailed beast.

In summary, Sasuke’s Rinnegan is a powerful kekkei genkai that contains six tomoe with six paths’ fundamental powers. It is considered the ultimate power and is highly rare among users of Ninjutsu. Furthermore, Sasuke’s Rinnegan possesses amazing abilities, including the revival of the dead, manipulation of attraction and repulsion, and the absorption of chakra techniques and ninjutsu. Its full potential is only unleashed when the user reaches their highest power level.

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