The Potential Conflict Between Boruto and the Hyuga Family in Konoha
The Potential Conflict Between Boruto and the Hyuga Family in Konoha

The Potential Conflict Between Boruto and the Hyuga Family in Konoha

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In the ever-growing story of Boruto, a new twist has turned Boruto into an enemy of Konoha. His destiny has now shifted to Kawaki, leaving him isolated and unrecognized by most people in the village. However, there are a few individuals who still remember and acknowledge him, including Sarada and Sumire.

These two characters seem to be immune to the manipulative powers of Eida, a mysterious and powerful enemy. Some theorists suggest that Sarada’s Sharingan, a special eye technique inherited from her family, might be the reason for her immunity. This raises intriguing questions about the Hyuga family, who possess the Byakugan, another eye technique originating from the powerful Otsutsuki clan.

Interestingly, no member of the Hyuga family has fallen victim to Eida’s power. This leads to the possibility that they too might have immunity, similar to Sarada’s Sharingan. The implications of this theory are substantial, as it challenges the established rules of the Naruto universe.

One might wonder why Sasuke, despite being a Sharingan user, remains unaffected by Eida’s powers. The answer lies in the fact that neither he nor any other Byakugan user, like Himawari, has encountered Eida directly. This suggests that the immunity might not be solely attributed to the eyes themselves, but rather to specific circumstances or interactions.

If the Hyuga family, including Hinata and Hanabi, were to remember Boruto’s true identity as Kawaki, tensions between them and Konoha could escalate rapidly. The potential consequences are dire, as it could lead to a civil war within the village itself. Boruto, who believes in preserving the peace, might choose to leave the village to avoid witnessing such a devastating conflict.

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The stance of the Hyuga family regarding Boruto’s situation is uncertain. Will they side with their own or remain loyal to Konoha? This uncertainty adds to the intrigue and excitement surrounding the future plot developments of Boruto.

In conclusion, the current storyline of Boruto presents a fascinating conflict between Boruto and the Hyuga family. As Boruto assumes the role of Kawaki, tensions and questions about the Hyuga family’s immunity to Eida’s powers arise. The potential for a civil war between the Hyuga family and Konoha adds depth and complexity to the narrative. Only time will tell how these conflicts are resolved and what lies ahead for Boruto and his friends in their battle against the unknown forces that threaten their world.

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