The Origin of Naruto's Famous Catchphrase Dattebayo
The Origin of Naruto's Famous Catchphrase Dattebayo

The Origin of Naruto’s Famous Catchphrase Dattebayo

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Naruto: The Origin of Naruto’s Famous Catchphrase “Dattebayo”

Naruto is an iconic manga and anime character known worldwide. The journey of this Konoha ninja never stops, no matter what happens. The creator, Masashi Kishimoto, had no idea that his character would become as popular as it is today. Nevertheless, the story he created is still alive to this day. There are many cultural icons in Naruto. One of the things that fans always remember about Naruto is his catchphrase. He likes to end his sentences with “dattebayo” or “believe it.” As it turns out, this catchphrase was actually added at the last minute by Kishimoto.

In an interview with Kobayashi a few years ago, Kishimoto revealed the origin of “dattebayo.” When asked where the idea came from, the creator said that he wanted his protagonist to have a unique and silly catchphrase that would set him apart from his friends. That’s why he used “dattebayo,” which sounds like something an old person would say. The phrase was also used as a sort of speaking barrier, and that’s how Naruto’s famous catchphrase was born.

Of course, Kishimoto said he didn’t think too hard about the phrase. But the reason for its creation makes perfect sense. Naruto spent a lot of time with Third Hokage and listened to the conversations of the village elders. That’s why it’s not surprising that he chose an old and unusual catchphrase like “dattebayo.”
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Kids his age might find the phrase weird, but for Naruto, he’s just repeating what he heard on the streets. After proving himself to Konoha, “dattebayo” has become a bona fide rallying cry for his fans all over the world.

Kishimoto started publishing the Naruto manga in 1999 in Shonen Jump. The manga was later adapted into an anime in 2000. After around 15 years of serialization, the manga finally ended in 2014. Naruto’s story then continues in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, which focuses on his son, Boruto. Naruto still appears in that series. At present, Boruto is on hiatus. Although not as popular as Naruto, Boruto provides fans with an expanded understanding of the shinobi world.

In conclusion, Naruto’s famous catchphrase “dattebayo” adds to his iconic status, and it’s fascinating to know where it originated. Masashi Kishimoto’s creation has truly become a beloved cultural icon that will continue to inspire generations of fans.

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