The Navy's Siege on Egghead Island: One Piece 1089 Manga Release
The Navy's Siege on Egghead Island: One Piece 1089 Manga Release

The Navy’s Siege on Egghead Island: One Piece 1089 Manga Release

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When it comes to the world of One Piece, every new development sends shockwaves across the globe. One such event is the fate of Garp on Pirate Island, a story that has now spread worldwide. As the excitement builds, another major event is taking place – the Navy’s siege on Egghead Island.

Led by a formidable fleet consisting of 9 vice admirals and the powerful Admiral Kizaru, the Navy is determined to conquer Egghead Island and uncover its secrets. What makes this operation even more intriguing is the presence of St Saturn, one of the Gorosei, among the Navy forces. This adds a new layer of mystery and significance to the mission.

However, despite their overwhelming strength and numbers, the Navy has not yet made its move. The reason behind this hesitation lies in the fact that Vegapunk’s protective lab on Egghead Island is operating at 100% power. This impenetrable defense has forced the Navy to cautiously wait for an opportunity to strike.

Meanwhile, from the Holy Land, transmissions from a figure known as York have caught the attention of the world. York is clearly opposed to the Navy’s siege on Egghead Island and has been vocal in protesting their actions. This has created a wave of controversy and debate regarding the intentions of the Navy in this operation.

Interestingly, it is revealed that the Gorosei, who initially wanted to eliminate York, have changed their minds. Now, instead of eliminating him, they are intent on acquiring a powerful weapon known as the motherflame weapon, which York possesses. This sudden change in their plans raises questions about the true motives and objectives of the Gorosei.

Surprisingly, Vegapunk, a renowned scientist and creator of advanced technology, is in agreement with the conditions set by the Gorosei. This alliance between Vegapunk and the Gorosei further deepens the intrigue surrounding Egghead Island and the motherflame weapon.

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Amidst all this chaos, Luffy and his crew suddenly enter the picture. They have managed to hold York hostage, adding yet another twist to this already convoluted situation. The involvement of the Straw Hat Pirates brings further unpredictability and excitement to the story.

For fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter of this captivating tale, the One Piece 1089 manga was released on August 3, 2023. To dive into the latest installment, readers can find it on various online platforms, including Manga Plus – a website and app dedicated to Japanese comics.

To access the Manga Plus app, simply visit the Play Store or App Store and download it for free. Through this convenient platform, fans can enjoy a seamless reading experience and stay up to date with the latest One Piece developments.

In conclusion, the Navy’s siege on Egghead Island, the negotiations for the motherflame weapon, and the unexpected involvement of Luffy and his crew have set the stage for intense action and suspense. With the release of One Piece 1089 manga, fans can delve deeper into this complex and thrilling storyline. However, it’s important to remember that this article is a prediction and intended solely for entertainment purposes. For more engaging articles and updates, visit and Google News.

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