The Mystery of the 'D' Clan and Im Sama’s Fear Revealed in One Piece
The Mystery of the 'D' Clan and Im Sama’s Fear Revealed in One Piece

The Mystery of the ‘D’ Clan and Im Sama’s Fear Revealed in One Piece

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The latest One Piece 1086 series has brought to light the mysterious ‘D’ clan and Im Sama’s fear. The mystery surrounding the ‘D’ clan and its significance to Im Sama has been revealed through the Nefertari Lily letter. The letter was found in the possession of Nefertari Vivi, the heir to the Alabasta kingdom, who is currently with Wapol and Big News Morgans. The letter holds significant information about Im Sama and the ‘D’ clan. In chapter 1085, Cobra revealed that Queen Lily had left a secret letter for the Nefertari family, which disclosed the ‘D’ clan’s mystery.

The letter from Queen Lily revealed the threat facing Im Sama and the World Government, which is why the letter is so important that everyone who reads or knows the letter’s clues is worthy of their life. Queen Lily’s letter led to Nefertari Cobra’s death, and now, Nefertari Vivi is being hunted by Im Sama and the World Government. The letter exposed the truth about the ‘D’ clan, which is a significant threat to Im Sama and the World Government.

In the letter, Queen Lily revealed that the ‘D’ clan, which resides in the Ancient Kingdom Castle, is a mysterious clan destined to be rulers, killers, or saviors of mankind. Queen Lily also disclosed the establishment of the 20-kingdom alliance, whose motive was to topple and overthrow the Ancient Kingdom’s ruler, Joy Boy. The Ancient Kingdom had disbanded for unexplained reasons, leading to the formation of the World Government, where the royal family was given the title of Sky Dragon and prioritized welfare service.

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Queen Lily resigned from the alliance, returned to support Ruler Joy Boy, and made Alabasta the first and only country to support and protect the ‘D’ clan as Joy Boy’s descendants. However, the weapons Pluton and Uranus had been taken by the 20-kingdom alliance from the Ancient Kingdom’s arsenal, and the alliance assembled elite troops called the HOLY KNIGHT.

With Queen Lily’s letter discovered, it is now evident why Im Sama is fervently pursuing the ‘D’ clan’s descendants and people with the ‘D’ initial such as Luffy and Kurohige. Moreover, it is believed that Im Sama and the World Government were responsible for Cobra’s assassination.

In conclusion, the letter revealed the mystery of the ‘D’ clan that Im Sama is afraid of. The revelation explains why Im Sama is hunting people with the ‘D’ initial and why Nefertari Vivi is in grave danger. The letter has added more excitement and suspense to the One Piece series.

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