The Mystery of Lulusia in One Piece: Did the Island Vanish or Was It Submerged?
The Mystery of Lulusia in One Piece: Did the Island Vanish or Was It Submerged?

The Mystery of Lulusia in One Piece: Did the Island Vanish or Was It Submerged?

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When it comes to One Piece, fans are always on the lookout for clues and theories that shed light on the mysteries of the beloved manga series. One such mystery revolves around the fate of Lulusia, an island that seemingly vanished in chapter 1089. This theory suggests that the island was not destroyed but instead pushed beneath the sea, challenging the assumptions of the Nakama.

The theory points to a significant event that occurred after the island’s disappearance – a worldwide earthquake that caused the sea level to rise by one meter. Several islands sank due to the powerful earthquake, highlighting the possibility that Lulusia may have also met the same fate. However, this theory proposes an alternative explanation – that Lulusia was submerged rather than destroyed.

Evidence supporting this theory lies in the rise of the sea level following the disappearance of Lulusia. According to the law of Archimedes, if the island had simply vanished, the volume of the sea should have decreased, not increased. This observation lends credence to the idea that Lulusia may have been pushed beneath the sea’s surface.

Interestingly, Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, previously introduced a concept of lifting islands into the sky without causing harm to the inhabitants. This concept opens up the possibility that Lulusia, if it was indeed submerged, could still be inhabited by its people, who may have found a way to survive in this new underwater environment.
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The theory challenges the established beliefs of the Nakama and raises intriguing questions about the true fate of Lulusia. If the island was pushed beneath the sea, it would defy expectations and offer a unique twist to the narrative. This theory encourages fans to think outside the box and consider the potential existence of Lulusia in its submerged state.

It is essential to note that this article is for entertainment purposes only and is based on spoilers and fan theories. It is not intended to alter the storyline of One Piece by Eiichiro Oda. The fate of Lulusia remains uncertain, and only time will reveal its true status and whereabouts.

In conclusion, the one-piece puzzle surrounding Lulusia continues to captivate the imagination of fans. The theory that the island may have been submerged rather than destroyed presents a bold alternative that challenges existing assumptions. With evidence pointing to a rise in sea level and the creator’s previous concept of lifting islands, the notion of Lulusia’s survival beneath the sea becomes plausible. As fans eagerly await the next chapters and revelations, the mystery of Lulusia lingers, reminding us that in the world of One Piece, anything is possible.

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