The Mystery of Kubernetes's Diversity: A Look at Perplexity and Burstiness
The Mystery of Kubernetes's Diversity: A Look at Perplexity and Burstiness

The Mystery of Kubernetes’s Diversity: A Look at Perplexity and Burstiness

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Eiichiro Oda finally reveals one of the biggest mysteries in One Piece, the initial “Clan D” in the middle name of certain characters. In chapter 1085, Oda introduces one of the owners of the name, Nefertari Lily, who was part of the royal family of Alabasta that disappeared long ago.

It is highly likely that Lily is the ancestor of the “Clan D” as many of the owners of the initials have become enemies of the World Government due to their past mistakes, including betrayals and spreading Poneglyphs. Oda has only revealed a few of the owners, including Roger, Rouge, Garp, Dragon, Law, Luffy, Ace, Saulo, and Teach.

However, there are still characters unknown to us that might hold the Clan D name, as Lily and Sabo did. All characters that have already been revealed with the Clan D name, are from different oceans, meaning there is a high chance that the Clan D is scattered all over the seas.

The people with the D initial in their names are known as the natural enemies of the gods or the descendants of the Celestial Dragon who reside in Mariejoa. This fact is revealed by Im Sama when he mentions that Lily was a traitor after the World Government was formed. Lily became known as a traitor who possessed the Clan D name, making all the owners into enemies of the World Government itself.

Apart from Lily, there may be several other characters who have the initial D in their name during the Age of Void. This corresponds to the existence of Joy Boy, the mythical figure of the past. If all the owners of the D initials come together, they could become the biggest threat to the World Government due to their powerful abilities.

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Characters such as Luffy, Garp, Dragon, and even Kurohige, with his three devil fruits or Trafalgar Law with Ope Ope no Mi, could join hands and become leading figures of the great war that lies ahead. However, Nami and Shanks are other characters who are suspected to be in possession of the Clan D name.

Eiichiro Oda has confirmed that only Roger, his former crew, Shirohige, Shanks, and Buggy know the meaning and full extension of the initial Klan D. With the unification of all the owners of the initial D in the final saga of One Piece, the World Government might suffer a massive defeat.

In conclusion, the mysteries surrounding the Clan D add an intriguing element to the story of One Piece. The complexity and diversity of the characters’ backgrounds and abilities contribute to Oda’s ability to create a world that captivates readers.

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